Contributer Guidelines

We’re always looking out for new sparkle to be added to the site! If you’ve got an idea please make sure to fill out the contact form. Once you’ve heard back from us be sure to check out the cheat sheet below then send your article via email at:

Media and links
Articles should have at least 2 links throughout the piece. Linking should be to do with said article Eg: Trixie Mattel show review (link past articles with Trixie in.)

All articles should be provided with photos, if photos aren’t the owners, a caption should be in place with the origins. Eg: Adore Delano during roscoes viewing party (photo source: Adore Delano instagram)

Interviews and feature pieces
We welcome all interview ideas we love them! However we need to approve ALL interviews, as we may have already reached out to the person in question. Be sure to get approval before questions are sent to said person.

If interviews are to be conducted they should via email in a professional manner, never dm a queen/brand via social media it doesn’t look great! You may say you are working on an article for Dragadventures when emailing PR/agents.

Be sure to link them to the site to tide over.

Be aware not to make it overly promotional
Fan stories/ meet and greets are the apple of our eyes we LOVE them. However we don’t encourage stories to consist of poor grammar and structure.

We won’t accept pieces that mention how ‘shook’ you were or that they told you and only you that they loved you. We adore heartfelt stories of your experiences what we don’t want is a gushing love letter, not so fun for the reader who can’t go to shows etc.

If you have a blog or want to promote yourself via social media that is 100% fine just pop the link at the end of the text not throughout the article. We are more than happy for this, but actually put the links in, we don’t have time to sift through to the link you typed in!

Just a few short small rules we know these rules may seem strict, but they are in place to ensure a smooth and fun workflow for all of us!

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