Get ready for a night with Adore Delano

Musician and Rupaul’s Drag Race alumni, Adore Delano announces an exclusive pay-per-view global event in partnership with Obsessed, to be streamed on platform, Looped.

Adore Delano, best known for her appearances on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 6 and All Star’s 2, announces a global stream of her intimate ‘night in’ at one of the USA’s best-loved cabaret spots, San Francisco’s Oasis.

For one night only, experience the unplugged performance alongside behind-the-scenes footage, with the option to upgrade your ticket to join the group Q&A or have a one-on-one digital meet and greet with Adore via Video Call including branded photo and video capture of your moment together!

Looped is a virtual venue that hosts live, 1-on-1 virtual video meet & greets and exclusive livestream events, which allows fans to connect with their idols like never before! The global digital event includes a selection of covers of Adore’s favorite alongside fan-favourites from their catalog of hits across 4 albums from 2014 until present day. Alongside the musical delights, there is a Q&A with the drag icon and a selection of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the filming.

So if your excited as we are then head to more information and to purchase your front row ticket for this special one-night-only event

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