Dragula (S4 E10) The Finale

We’ve all gathered by now how much I’ve adored watching this season of Dragula. In my opinion, it’s been the best season to date, Shudder have given it the production and bigger platform it’s deserved. The cast has been diverse and embodied all the elements of Dragula.

So gushing aside let’s jump into the finale, this time around I’m going to sum the episode up. As there is so much to discuss, and we all know I get deep in my feelings over past episodes. I like to be in-depth for all my Dragula ghouls. However the finale has four categories with 12 looks overall and well, this bitch would be here forever declaring my love for everyone.

Hot off the reunion our final four gather in the boudoir one last time to relish in being the first-ever final four. Summoned to the stage the Boulets give their assignment: The monsters must give three-floor show looks and concepts to the Dragula agenda: Glamour, Horror, and Filth.

They are also told they will be joining a special segment of the Boulets podcast where they will be interviewed for an upcoming episode. I love this as we get a little one on one with the Boulets and the contestants. We don’t really get to see much interaction through the season, and this is our chance to see a more in-depth look at the contestant’s vulnerable moments. We get glimpses into personal concepts for the upcoming challenge, Saint plans on creating his horror look based on the tooth fairy, and Hoso on their cancer journey.

Dahli discusses his self-extermination in season two, for those unfamiliar with Dragula I implore you to watch season two. Dahli of course was favorable for a top spot in the final of season two, however, during an eating extermination challenge decided to nibble his way through the course. Which of course shocked not only the cast but us at home. He later regretted the decision for years to come, and even on resurrection not winning the crown crushed him once again.

Let the floor show begin, the first category is Glamour in which the ghouls must lipsync to….. and it’s so easy to say everyone went above and beyond. You all know the drill I’m going to gush over Hoso Terra Toma, I actually can’t call who did the best for this category. Sigourney did what she does best, and served the most beautiful silhouette, her specialty is delivering a sumptuous performance elegantly.

My favorite category was filth Hoso dominated by showcasing the harmful stereotypes directed towards Asians, their goal was to highlight the hate received particularly during the Covid19 pandemic. Donning a face mask, they then bring out a tray with a dog….in which they eat their insides. This was so powerful and will hopefully open eyes to the hate Asians receive with the ridiculous stereotypes aimed their way. Alongside this Dahli made a powerful statement with regards to voyeurism surrounding death, Sigourney did a fantastic grotesque facial disfiguration, popping zits, tearing skin… exactly what you want on Dragula. it was similar to the science look in the horror category, the skin pulling after drinking a lethal cocktail although similar was in concept could have gone bigger.

Now I don’t like to speculate but you do get a tone from the Boulets that they do slightly favor Dahli. Dracomoda even says that whoever has the best filth look wins the show, and by the comments, we are to assume that the crown will be going to Dahli. The ghouls are summoned to the stage for the crowning moment, and the winner is… DAHLI! I think this was the best decision when it comes down to the overall competition, the looks, the concepts, and sheer determination of what Dahli embodies about Dragula the time was right for him to finally take the crown. Stepping forward to receive flowers and applause the center stage drowns him in blood…the new drag supermonster has arrived.

So this season a lot of fans have rated it as the best of the franchise, due to the production becoming unmatched with a stellar cast, and Dragula getting the love and attention it deserves. For those new to the Dragula family then keep your Shudder subscriptions not only do you get a catalog of cult classics, documentaries, and undiscovered gems. But in early 2022, all seasons of Dragula will be uploaded for the ultimate binge-watch. Dragula season 5 has been given the green light, so until then wait patiently re-watch past seasons until then goodbye uglies.

For those who want a piece of the action live the Draula tour is touring in 2022. Tickets below:


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