Dragula (S4:E09) The Last Supper Reunion

As we all know we were left on a very annoying cliffhanger during last week’s extermination. But the Boulets truly are spoiling us this season with an explosive reunion episode, so we’ve got a lot to delve into, so welcome back uglies.

Of course, this is the holiday season, so we get a Nightmare Before Christmas meets Krampus set this week. As we see the preview of what’s to come, you just know this isn’t going to be the lovefest reunion we saw last week on Canada’s Drag Race. We’re welcomed to the stage with a sofa full of returned ghouls, and everyone is decked out in their finest holiday couture. We start by looking at the monsters audition tapes, I love this as it gives a little insight into how they got on the show, but also a little more look into their passion, goals, and dreams. For me, Formelda Hyde’s audition tape makes me sour, sour we missed out on all the fantastic creative looks we were robbed of seeing! (also side note their reunion look is not only horrifying but meme-worthy) It’s so heartwarming to see their reactions to getting on the show, they do all have hearts.

We begin the shade by highlighting Merrie Cherries’ loudest and shadiest moments, without a doubt Merrie certainly stole the spotlight on many occasions. Of course, this reignited the feud between her and Sigourney Beaver, and Koko Caine delivers some truth bombs regarding liking people. This leads Merrie shocked at Koko’s stance on not having to like everyone. I mean she’s right how many times have we all come across people and just don’t vibe with them? What do we do? We let it go, don’t let that energy zap you! Hoso Terra Toma and Saint huddled together laughing having the best time observing all the drama is definitely all of us at home watching with that popcorn!

This reunion fast became Koko’s Reunion Episode, the uplifting speeches, support for Sigourney, and being a shining beacon for young people at home who finally get to see themselves represented.

Next up we cut to an extermination montage, this season’s exterminations started so brutally, as time had gone they sort of dipped. Whilst I appreciate they were all challenging in some way, the most that looked intense were; being buried alive, drinking blood and munching on pig’s brains, and of course, being suffocated in a vacuum chamber.

So with that said we move to fan questions, now you just know Dragula fans are going to be very honest. The first question to Formelda Hyde asks if they thought the criticisms of wearing a mask, to then see competitors, later on, do the same thing was hypocritical of the Boulets. We all know the wearing of masks has not gone down well past seasons, so Formelda answers very pageant like that it was good to see, and he didn’t want anyone to see wearing a mask as a downfall. I would agree, mask-wearing doesn’t seem as lazy as others say it is, a lot of work goes into making them and having to be more creative than perhaps those who paint their faces. I hope next season we see the curse of a mask queen break the mold!

The next question is from Sherri in the UK, and no this wasn’t me in disguise asking about Hoso and Astrud’s love affair. We all wanted to know and Sherri is out here asking the real questions for us all. The answer could not be more perfect for them if tried, they declare their emotional support for one another and the importance of friendship alongside their feelings be it romance or not.

We get a secret Santa, but not in the way we would all want it to be delivered. The queens have anonymously sent in questions for each other to answer… oh cue more drama! These questions kickstart with Formelda being asked who should have gone home first…. they didn’t hang around and answer Zavaleta.

This episode is delivering a lot of emotional stories, with family deaths and Signourey the last episode, of course, said how Hoso in a few years will be more ready for the Dragula crown, Hoso opens up about not taking life for granted having recovered from cancer Hoso highlights that simply isn’t an option for them.

We of course still have no idea how the last episode ended, and we don’t know who is going to the finale. But the time has FINALLY come *dramatic music* Dahli, and Sigourney are congratulated for having made it to the last round. It’s just down to my love Hoso (sweats nervously) and of course Saint. Like I said this deserves to be a top-four, Saint makes it through joining Signourney and Dahli. My little Hoso is left looking devasted, Astrud looks over to comfort them, however, I guess production prevented that moment. The Boulets then apologize to Hoso as they too will be IN THE FINAL!!! Everyone shrieks with happiness (me included) this is going to be one of the strongest finales we’ve seen in Dragula history. Now everyone is allowed to rush over and comfort Hoso who at this point is crying, looks over to the Boulets, and exclaims “Fuck you” whilst laughing, my sentiments exactly.

We love a happy ending don’t we uglies, next week see the grand finale, which leaves one question….who do you want to WIN?

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