Dragula: Killer Clowns (S4: E08)

Welcome back uglies! We’re getting ever so close to that grand finale and at the start of today’s episode we’re in the boudoir anticipating who got sent home last week. Hoso Terra Toma and Saint enter – speculating who it could be, agreeing for the first time on the fact that they don’t know who’s been exterminated. This season of ghouls has been incredibly talented, and this top four is one of the strongest in all four seasons in my opinion. The first back is Dahli, who is very emotional about their Dragula journey thus far and it nearly ending. With that said in pops Sigourney Beaver who also survived.

Everyone’s happy to have her back, and they all begin to reflect on past challenges and what’s left to come. The Boulets summon them for this week’s challenge, and it is such a good theme this week….send in the clowns – it’s killer clown week. Of course for many clowns are the biggest fear in life be it due to childhood fears, or down to the multiple clowns we see on the big screen. For me, I was always intrigued by Pennywise the clown in IT, he’s iconic and the teeth are the only thing that truly sent shivers down my spine. My favorite clowns in horror have to be the cult classic Killer Clowns In Outer Space, that film is so bats**t insane, horrific killings, and just generally campy it’s a must-watch. The only clown that truly scares me is Art from the Terrifier films, he’s more than creepy he has an unwavering stare about him, not to mention the ways he finds his victims. So with that said I’m very excited to see how this challenge is interpreted, and what this creative bunch are going to deliver.

The Boulets challenge them to make their own clown be it outer space, pure filth, etc but before that, they must win a key to their killer clown cart. Whoever wins the mini-challenge key will assign the remaining keys to their fellow contenders. If that wasn’t enough whoever goes through to next week’s finale automatically is added to the Boulet Brothers world tour in America and the UK in 2022. So a lot is up for grabs, first start is in the parking lot the monsters are greeted by past clown Merrie Cherry. Merrie is here to ringleader the challenge, each competitor is to sit on a seat above water and the others are to knock balls to plunge them in, whoever is successful wins the key…simple.

It’s a fun watch, it’s a carnival bit but without the razzle-dazzle of the lights and carnival-style. Dahli wins, and the torture of watching Merrie deliver ‘reads’ is over, the boudoir has a line of keys of which Dahli is to decide who belongs to who. They decide the keys belong to whoever is standing in front of said key, Hoso with the smallest one we assume to be the worst. Dahli says no game playing is for them so it was easier to just do it that way, I hope this doesn’t squander Hoso they always turn it regardless.

We see the monster’s sketches and designs for the challenge and everyone’s concepts look incredible. They all want this, and Sigourney has a moment of some tears to talk about the week she got her Dragula position, because her mum died the same week. I can’t even begin to think how hard that was and is for to be dealing with such a loss, and career-high at the same time. Everyone rallies around and is so comforting to her which we love to see, a true bond is amongst this season.

Out float the Boulets for the floor show and once again deliver iconic outfits as always, this week we are joined by Bob The Drag Queen who we all know as Rupauls Drag Race season 8 winner. Instead, the Boulets mention his successful HBO Max series We’re Here. I love that they don’t mention drag race, Bob is a success regardless of the show so it actually highlights his own career and is not tied to the show. The other guest judge I’m not familiar with however I have listened to on Trixie and Katya’s bald and beautiful podcast, both of who fangirled very hard over Harvey Guillen What We Do In the Shadows.

Let the floorshow begin! Out first is Hoso who showcases the traditional Korean exorcist clown from the 16th century. This look is truly one of their best, it’s horrifying it’s so creative and the multiple clown faces were so creepy to look at. Next out is Sigourney, I love her take with the balloons and the popping, the concept is different but it’s once again more glamour and previous to past look. I hate to say that as this look is so good, and the deliverance of it with the knife and props is fantastic, the completion is so close now it’s going to be tough to decide who goes and stays.

Out next is Dahli, this one was horrific, the face is something you wouldn’t want to come across at night. The colors compliment each other well, the drilling, and close-ups of the teeth were just excellent. Saint surprised me, he went a possessed mime clown, I loved the concept. The help me engraved in the head and hands were truly creepy. Will the judges see it as a clown or demonic possession, we shall see? For me, the top two are Hoso and Saint. However the Boulets disagree, and it looks as if my tops are actually bottoms!

Personally, I think they should make it a top four, and bring all of them on tour. Each brings something completely different, so that show would be fantastic to watch. Alas, it’s not me judging, Dahli bags the win and a rightful spot in the grand finale. We have one last challenge, the extermination. The ghouls are to be taken to a location where they will participate in a clown cart death race from hell. Once again only on Dragula can this sort of thing arise, it sounds bonkers and I love it.

The clown’s arising from the ground is some Halloween fright night sh*t, we have the four carts ready to race on this sunny gorgeous day. And we have Koko Caine as the flag starter, I believe the other clowns were the eliminated queens. Well as expected Dahli’s cart is the fastest, and Hoso’s the slowest. To add to this each queen is slapped in the face with cream pies, and water balloons this extermination challenge is chaotic. Watching Hoso come last in the race is so funny, peace sign slowly hitting 4th.

And the ghoul we say goodbye to is…..well we don’t know as the suspense and tension rise to whose puppet strings are to be cut is just too much. This ending……can do one…we are left on a bloody cliffhanger! So we know the bottom two are Hoso and Saint, however, we have to wait until next week’s show to see who is exterminated. Let’s hope and pray we get a top-four? I guess the positive is both made it to the next episode technically. So how irritated are you by that ending? let us know below!

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