Dragula: Exorsisters (S4: E07)

This episode is an action-packed one, so we’re just gonna dive headfirst into this coffin. We have the remaining ghouls walk back into the boudoir, where the room is generously decorated in doom merchandise and goods. We have movie posters, such as Terrifier now this movie franchise, in particular, is horrifying. Art the clown is iconic and Dahli even states had he been here for the monster re-imagined runway that would have been his horror icon. Robbed of a glorious moment, the Terrifier franchise is available to watch Shudder. Art is without a doubt the scariest clown amongst any horror franchise in my opinion.

The ghouls collectively agree that Jade Jolie is exterminated this week, and like that Signourey Beaver arrives to prove them right. With that said the queens are summoned to the coffin for the Boulets to announce this week’s challenge, they are to act in a Doom production of The Exorsisters. Alongside this, they are to create a demonic look. For me in the horror realm, there is nothing scarier than the paranormal and demonic exorcisms so I’m looking forward to this week’s theme.

But the added challenge is to create eyebrows similar to that of drag director and icon Peaches Christ, Peaches will be on hand to help direct the production and choose who conjures up the best look. In the boudoir, the monsters are battling the brows, Hoso Terra Toma, and La Zavaleta comes close to the desired look. Peaches declares La Zavaleta, the winner, their prize being casting director for the upcoming production challenge.

As well all know this can be a make or break for people in charge, the characters are assigned. Hoso will play a demonic teen, Dahli and Saint are mothers one and two, and in a twist of events Zavaleta pairs up with Sigourney as the assistant to his priest’s character. The last time they worked together we had that fiery exchange.

We get some Jennifer Coolidge acting in Dahli, we meet Peaches and director….to help school each one in their roles. Hoso gets great critiques, Saint, on the other hand, gets a bit more of a less raving critique. But this is what rehearsals are for, to help and guide in the right direction. It must be tricky if you’ve never acted or been involved with any theatre/amateur dramatics to then be thrust into a challenge like this.

Let’s scurry over to the floor show, and the Boulet’s start it with a shebang with their glorious gothic look. This week we’re joined by Ray Santiago star of Ash versus the Evil Dead, and star of Freaky Misha Osherovich. Acting challenges can be one of two ways so let’s get watching ‘ The Excorsisters’ the opening alone is so spooky and aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Hoso is the epitome of a demonic teen, Dahli, and Saint as the mothers remind me of 80’s fashion throwbacks. Both their hair I’m in love with and am focusing more on the bounce than them both acting. Enter La Zavaleta as a campy priest, accompanied by Signourney as his creepy assistant she reminds me more of Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The wig would also like to speak to the manager, the challenge as a whole was fun and full of horror.

Let’s hit the floorshow, out first is Dahli and I LOVE Dahli, but this look we’ve seen them do a few times. The makeup is reminiscent of the blood-splattered from Monsters That Rock challenge, the prosthetics on the head I love, and their creativity are so admirable. Next out La Zavaleta saunters out in her hellish gear, installing fear into us all, the make-up, the look, and those horns are so well executed. The wings however may have hindered her performance just a bit, it didn’t really perform well alongside her. Sigourney gives us filth and horror in her get-up, the makeup and prosthetics to enhance her face is something different for her. She said she’d give titties and she sure stepped it up and wiggled for us all.

Hoso walks out like the devil at the gates of hell ready to shake your hand and flip you off. The hands placed on the forehead are everything, they’re so creative and I love everything they showcase. Outcomes Saint as the angel of death, her white aesthetic mixed with the red is so haunting. Hard to determine who will be up for extermination this week, yet the Boulets completely disagree. They feel everyone should be exterminated tonight due to the underwhelming looks for demonology. The critiques are delivered and are very well constructed, second week in a row and Hoso wins again, a very well deserved win indeed. Saint is safe, thus leaving three-way extermination; Signrouey, Dahli, and Zavaleta. Tonight they will be taken to the Chapel Of Calamity, which sounds very insidious and in no way calm.

Inside they will be bound to a wall inside a latex vacuum chamber…. this is the strangest extermination since the paintball extermination in season 2. The cauldron gathering is somewhat of a reflective moment, Hoso talking of their cancer journey and the fear of dying. Once again it’s great to give that boost of being creative, live life for yourself, and do not let others dictate what you think or do. With that said discussions lead to who should make it to the top four next week, I would agree with Saint this has been the strongest top five in Dragula history. Besides my obvious favoritism and rooting for Hoso I do think any one of them is deserving of being the next drag super monster. I think for the first time this season I cant call who will be exterminated. The ghouls ready to be sacrificed is…..La Zavaleta I am surprised as she was an incredibly strong performer, however, I think it came down to track record. So there we go another frightfully good episode.

What did YOU think of this week’s episode? Are you happy with the top four?

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