Dragula: Hairy Monsters (S04: E06)

Well after that explosive Cauldron catastrophe we’ve arrived at the aftermath, the remaining ghouls arrive in the boudoir to discuss the extermination and of course that hectic cauldron experience.

They theorize as to who stayed and who’s been given the chop, the majority opted for Bitter Betty to of left the cast. First to make their reappearance is La Zavaleta, and it’s the beginning of making amends, and harmony is beginning to be restored. That leaves Hoso Terra Toma to make their grand entrance, to the delight of many. The discussions of what happened last week leave room for emotions to be discussed and Jade Jolie apologies along with Zavaleta, for their childish behavior. The group as a collective apologizes to Sigourney Beaver and the discredited win she received, so with that all done the peace has been made and we won’t hear any more of it.

The monsters are summoned by the Boulets for this week’s challenge, the queens are to create a hairy monster look out of wigs provided by Aruda wigs. The queens get to it, they sketch out their creepy concepts and show us what to expect. The joy of this is we are finally getting humor and some fun from the monsters, running around with wigs the goal for Signourney is to chuck one on Dahli. We get to feel some warmth and friendship for what has felt like a first this season. As I’ve said previously whilst drama makes for great tv, and we have to remember it is a tv show. The drama can get uncomfortable to watch, add social media in the mix and the aftermath is just ugly. So these moments stand out, the sad moment is Jade being told her cat is ill, leading her to leave the boudoir to facetime very sad last moments with her cat. It’s so sad to see this happen, we all know pets become family members, she returns to plenty of comfort from her friends.

It’s time for the floor show, and the Boulets arrive in what can only be described as a hair-raising (I’m so sorry for that pun) outfit. The wigs they are wearing are so jaw-dropping and once again they have turned out an iconic look. This week’s judges are Bonnie Aarons (The Nun & Conjuring) and joining her is the one and only Landon Cider winner of Dragula season 3. I wish the other drag show would feature past winners or contestants on the show, the critiques are so much more constructive.

I do love the floorshow, however, sometimes it feels disjointed sometimes. The performances are so well done, but it feels like we should see it more structured if that makes sense. Dragula has come such a long way from the first season where it was a tiny room with an even tinier stage, so this small critique is a personal one.

The looks are insanely creative, my favorites were Hoso (shocker I know) and Dahli. Both were so well executed and they have such a diverse way of putting their concepts together. This week the Boulets declare that all the ghouls are in the bottom beside the winner. That lucky queen this week is… Hoso! A well-deserved win, that look was hairy and spooky. Signourey and Jade are at the bottom facing extermination, Sigourney is criticized for not bringing horror or filth to her look, and Jade is told her look needs more work. Overall I would agree with the critiques. The extermination the ghouls are facing is to be surrounded by creepy crawlies, both are in a dimly lit cupboard, the light flickers, and plenty of cockroaches are poured upon them both. I would say Jade handles it well, I on the other hand would fail spectacularly they scurry in the lashes, wigs, and cleavage.

We arrive at the Boulets barbers, and who should we see in the chair but Jade Jolie. We flitter back to the intro where of course we are led to how the ghoul will perish. This week’s extermination was a gory one, Dracumada spurred on by Swanthula cuts open poor Jade’s throat with a barber’s blade, blood oozes, and like that we say goodbye. It was the right decision, she did great considering her reputation and how she was perceived going in.

So there we go, we have our top-five! What did YOU think of this week’s episode, are you happy with who was exterminated?

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