Dragula: Ghostship Glamour (S04 E05)

It’s episode five already and what a season it is turning out to be! I don’t normally talk about the intro movie moments. But this week actually spooked me out, the use of one person alone on the beach to be greeted by the ghostly Boulets got me spooked. I love horror, of course, perhaps the ghost/paranormal horrors are the ones that get me the most this little bit had me going “ooh they did it again”.

We arrive at the boudoir to team Zenith talking about their win, also about the impact Fangoria magazine had on them. Fangoria is conveniently spread across the table in all its horror glory, the ghouls discuss who they think were exterminated. Theorizing that it was Merrie Cherry’s time to go, and one by one the ghouls appear starting with Jade Jolie, and last but not least Sigourney Beaver. Now we all love a little bit of reality tv drama, but this never-ending Jade and Bitter Betty argument just goes on for far too long. Hoso Terra Toma and Dahli agree on the stupidity of it, Hoso breaks it up by saying who else loves Fangoria? 

And just like that the sirens blare and are summoned to the Boulet Brothers meeting, this week the monsters must perform a floor show to the Boulet’s new single ‘Wicked Love’ the look must be ghost glamour. With that done they slip a little twist in, in the boudoir is a key that gives the power of life or death, either keep themselves safe OR eliminate one of their competitors. A great twist, and heightens tensions a little bit more.

The boudoir is scoured for the key, and who should find it but Jade…very convenient don’t we think? The attention turns to Betty who everyone thinks should be worried, in the words of Hoso “You in danger girl” Jade theorizes she could be malicious and send Betty home. However, she intends to keep herself safe, this storyline is getting tiresome already.

Last week Jade was accused of being shy and needing to open up. This week it’s all about Jade, we get it we want to see more of her, but it’s feeling a bit forced upon us as the viewer. Betty wants her moment to explain herself to La Zavelta about her situation with Jade, Zavelta who has one painted eyebrows on reluctantly goes to the cauldron to talk it out. I think like us Zavelta is running on empty with this and is to the point of saying worrying about you.  

The infamous claxon is sounded to get ready for the floor show, this bit is always a magic trick. Magic that the ghouls with half-painted faces, one eyebrow only suddenly appear put together for the show. Take it to the floorshow, and the Boulets as ever look creepy, spooky, and stunning, the judging panel consists of Fangoria editor Phil Nobile Jr, superfan, and Game Of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn.

Lipsyncing to ‘Wicked Love’ everyone delivers the performance well, Betty struggles a little with the words. I love Hoso and you all know that by now, and sometimes even a fan has to be honest when their fave doesn’t have the best outfit. Sigourney, Dahli, and Saint killed it for me, it met the requirement of glamour, the performances made me want to see them (hopefully) on the UK leg of the tour. 

The Boulet’s ask Jade what she has chosen to do with her key, part of me really wanted her to be shady and carry on the narrative. The Boulets commented that she needs to step out of the pageantry and into Dragula punk. This is true, when asked what her key choice is her answer is long-winded and pageant-like. However, she flipped that script and decided to be punk by putting Betty up for extermination. We’re shocked, the ghouls are shocked, and perhaps even Betty was shocked? The judging this week I would agree with overall, the only thing I find puzzling is the shady cuts to all the others when it comes to Sigourney’s critiques.

The best performance and look were Sigourney’s, yes it’s hard for the others to get low critiques but they find ways to make her an easy target to take down (yet she’s consistently been at the top of each episode) Ghost of the week goes to Sigourney Beaver the rightful winner, of course, this is going to ruffle some feathers amongst some of the ghouls. The bottom three are Betty, Zavaleta, and Hoso (sobs.) I’m not going to be that person, but if we take track records into consideration Betty and Za Valeta have both previously been at the bottom.

The extermination challenge is actually pretty cool, they’ll be taken out to the ocean where they’ll be submerged underwater to be photographed by special spectral photography cameras. Intrigued as to how this will play out, the ghouls gather in the cauldron beforehand, and once again it’s explosive. Every cauldron gathering always is a bubbling mess, there are about five different narratives taking place, with Dahli being our narrator. I could go into what happens, why it was embarrassing/childish/explosive but that alone would take an essay of why they’re like this, what it means and how everyone needs to take a breather including us sitting at home. All I can say is I’m surprised a drink or punch hasn’t been thrown yet. My fave part of this was Hoso being upset and swearing yet the subtitles could only manage “Speaking in Korean.”

Moving swiftly along to the extermination, the ghouls head to the shores to strike a pose. They all do great, no one takes a bad photo, they battle the waves well and there’s no clear loser. I do have someone in particular who I think should go, and we cut to the sandy beaches to see a washed-up Bitter Betty.

So that episode was another explosive bout of conflict, drag, ghost ships, and glamour. What did we think of that episode, did we agree with the tops and bottoms? Are you bored with the extra drama we’ve got this season? Let us know!

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