Dragula: Monsters Of Rock (S04: E04)

It’s the challenge we’ve all been waiting for: the annual rock challenge. Seasons past have seen some iconic rock band performance group number. My favorite is still season 2, I love rock music! And, yes, although I’m more of a pop-punk princess I love the raw energy of rock. The first part of the challenge is to create a monster of rock solo look, and the second is to be the ultimate band slam party. Grouped into rock groups, the ghouls are tasked to bring a rock show of epic proportions, of course, this challenge is always a mixed bag of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The song the monsters perform to is Poppy’s Bite your teeth, Poppy has gone on to dominate the metal rock scene and if that wasn’t enough, the queen herself will be joining to watch and judge the performances. No pressure. There’s a special price to be won to amp up the competition and it’s to have their drag character written, drawn in comic book form to appear in Heavy Metal magazine, once again a fantastic opportunity in an iconic staple of the community.

What I love about Dragula is the Boulets right off the bat say they’ve chosen the team based on what would piss off the monsters the most. We love honesty, it is a reality tv show at the end of the day, and of course, there needs to be some drama. I think we the viewers have a rough idea on who would clash the most, group one sees Signorney Beaver lead in the form of the lead singer. Jade Jolie, Bitter Betty, and Merrie Cherry make up the band, of course, we know the past issues Merrie and Signourney have had, I hope they go against the grain and work in perfect harmony to flip the script. (spoiler they do not, in fact, it gets uglier if that’s possible)

Band two sees Dahli the lead singer, with Saint, Zavaleta, and Hoso Terra Toma joining them. This band looks set to be the favorites in my eyes, but I’m not going to jinx it with Hoso of course being my favorite in the competition. It’s going to be interesting to see how Jade performs not to put her in a box, but she’s known for her pop princess looks and even a Taylor Swift doppelganger. The drama the Boulets wanted has begun, it took mere minutes, Sigourneys group butt heads over what theme they want. Sigourney wants dark and mysterious, Merrie on the other hand feels they should stick to pretty. Poor Jade just wants everyone to get along, her pent-up frustrations from being on Drag race are spilling over. The producers really do not want Drag Race to be named, it’s similar to he who should not be named vibes. Jade’s done well to not of mentioned DR thus far, reaching episode 4 and cracking is always going to be hard for her. Her pep talk with Merrie was really refreshing to see, and after this, I want my own personal Merrie for future pep talks.

Dahli’s team gets straight to it, we’ve got Saint on drums, Zavelta as lead guitarist, Hoso as bassist, and Dahli doing vocals (bleches.) Signourneys team, on the other hand, are debating on looks, now I love storylines like this, the only thing I dislike is it normally works in the favor of the underdogs. With the concurring sidelines of smooth and bumpy, it’s starting to see as Dahli’s team will be successful, this set-up is fine. However, my beloved Hoso is on this team and I don’t want them to go down the sinking ship storyline.

The floor show has begun and my little emo heart was so full for some of these looks, lets start with Hoso the whole look screamed RaWr x 2003 scene kid. Sigourney looked every inch rockstar with her Kiss-inspired face, the whole look and show she gave were captivating.

This was one rock show I really wanted to see, Zenith is everything I love to see live. It had passion, it was fun, it was cohesive and conceptual. The song itself is something I will now stream having never heard of it, each member shone and no one faded and worked well as a team. I would want to see Zenith live in the future. The same cant be said for Signourney’s team which I don’t think I even caught the name of (it’s Glam Rot), Signourey herself did great, she shone as the lead singer. However that’s where it stops for me, the band was all over the place and looked like they were playing different shows at different festivals to different songs. The Boulets referred to it as a comedic sketch show, blunt but true. Whilst critiquing Zenith, it’s mentioned how well Zavelata recovered after slipping I didn’t even see that, that’s how quickly she recovered.

So with that said the winner of this week is… Zenith and rightly so. Although judged together there is one individual winner and that goes to Dahli, that performance was everything I love to see in a lead singer. His prize of course is appearing in comic book form in the iconic Heavy Metal magazine. As if this episode isn’t explosive enough, the Boulets then ask who the monsters think should be exterminated and why…cue the chaos.

To no surprise, everyone agrees that Merrie should be the one to go, it does interest me why Merrie has had it out for Sigourney. Online commentary points towards misogyny and how women have to fight harder in the drag scene, this would be the direction it’s coming from, unfortunately. Some people just don’t gel and that’s okay, it is a competition though and working together is part of the challenge. Merrie does not answer as to who she believes should be exterminated, instead of taking it personally as I think we all would. But with that all said the whole team is up for extermination this week, with them being declared still in their heads, the Boulets let them know they’re going to shock it out of them.

The Boulets are sick and I love it, insert an evil chuckle. We the viewers feel like the winning team with a front-row seat to the reactions of this week’s cauldron. I don’t need to go into what was said and done backstage, but oooohweyyyy explosive conversations were had it bordered on childish, I don’t know where to begin. What I will say is this is a TV show so let’s not transfer hate to anyone. It’s time to get electrifying, and the ghouls are strapped into what looks like a theme park ride 4D area.

All four are strapped in and hooked to the Dreadnought Electrocutioner, the buttons correspond to each member of the group where they can transfer the shocks…brutal! I have a feeling Merrie may be getting some shocks…this is a scene straight from a horror film. It’s so hard to judge who is getting shocked the most, Merrie seems to be calm and composed. We cut to a strip club where we see Merrie working the pole, and similar to our opening scene is exterminated by muscly men.

Each extermination is suggested in the opening credits during the Boulets opening segment, yet I never caught on to it. So there we go, we say goodbye to Merrie Cherrie, what did YOU all think of this week’s episode? Who rocked your world this week?

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