Dragula: Weird, Wild, West (S04 – E03)

So last week we saw Bitter Betty and Astrud Aurelia battle it out against some lovely leeches for their extermination challenge. We’re in the boudoir, and the ghouls discuss last week’s antics, once again the conversation turns to Merrie Cherry and her opinions ie attention-seeking. This season everyone is being honest in an open way, and it may come across bitchy but I love it. 

They theorize who got exterminated and the majority hoping Astrud is sent home, he’s a big competition and they all know it. Now we’ve all seen showmances and how they play out onscreen, but the developing story of Hoso Terra Toma and Astrud was so cute, I feel robbed of a blossoming relationship/flirtation/friendship. On that cue, Betty screeches “What’s up hookers” the mood in the room seems genuinely happy, although Hoso’s face says it all. 

The Boulets summon the ghouls to deliver their challenge, the challenge is to design a weird, wild west horror outfit to showcase on the floor show. I love that the competition is so visually themed alongside the performance side, as both are important. The ghouls get to work, and Merrie expresses her frustration being bottom three consistently, La Zavaleta is reassuring and reminds them to not get caught up in those thoughts and to have fun. I think we see this in a lot of competitions the need to want to do so well they forget to have fun. Without sounding like a kumbaya bitch but being on the show is half the battle and a prize in itself.

The beauty of this show is seeing how the outfits are being put together and appreciating just how much work goes into the looks. We dont see this often, and it’s a chance to see a concept come to life. In the boudoir getting ready for the floor show, Merrie decides to give us a storytime, and this part is editing excellence. Cutaways and fade-ins to let us know this may be a long story, none less one am I enjoying. 

Saddle up it’s time for the weird, wild, west-floor show, now the judge for this week is my favorite yeehaw barbie girl Miss Trixie Mattel. I won’t fangirl and list all the reasons why my heart is so full to see her on the judging panel, but I’m very glad to see her on the show. If that wasn’t enough we have the iconic country music star Orville Peck join the judging panel, I think this pairing might be my favorite on Dragula. 

Everyone took the theme and made some incredible outfits, I love the direction saint went with their concept. Appearing as a cow strutting the runway, complete with udders and of course a cowboy hat. Jade Jolie comes out in a space cowboy outfit, at least that’s what im getting from the performance and look. Hoso Terra Toma comes out like a cactus, the look is horrific and also reminds me of a little shop of horrors with monstrous hands. Trixies face as they all walk out is literally me at any drag show, having a great time and just in awe of the creativity and talent. 

Jade Jolie, Merrie, and Hoso are told to step forward, my heart sunk for a hot minute as I thought my girl Hoso was in trouble. Previously the boulets talked of Jade not bringing thus me assuming she was in the bottom. Merrie is safe once again, and her face spoke for what she was thinking, she didn’t hide the disappointment well. With Jade and Merrie safe, I’m stumped on who would be the bottom as to me they had a weak look/performance. This is a very strong cast of ghouls, so the nitpicking is going to be extra critical. The top four with a chance to win this week are Bitter Betty, La Zavaleta, Sigourney Beaver, and Dahli. The ghoul on top is….La Zavaleta, I would agree with the concept, storytelling, and performance you instantly knew what the backstory was and the look was horrifically good. 

As for the bottom we see saint and Koko Caine up for extermination, I half agree with Koko’s look we’ve seen the same look evolve throughout. I do think Jade Jolie should have been in that bottom instead of safe her look was much more clean looking and didn’t scream wild west apart from the cowboy boots. It wouldn’t be Dragula without a little twist now, and this week all the monsters will be alongside the bottom two and partaking in the extermination. * insert Trixie Cackle* to prove what they’re made of, the challenge is to ride a mechanical bull and ride him for as long as possible. 

Well, the riding of the bull was interesting to watch, everyone does quite a good job…until Merrie comes along. Good for her for doing it her own way, either she couldn’t get on it or decided on a different strategy, it didn’t last long. Dhali is riding the bull like a standard professional cowboy, it’s actually quite impressive, then I am impressed easily. Hoso again is another who rides it well, except they look terrifying in the get-up whilst riding, I love it. The Bouelts appear to exterminate Koko Caine, I think that might be the grossest looking extermination yet. These segments are always so well put together and a great way to round off the episode.

So there we go, who was your fave Wild, west weirdo?

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