Dragula: Nosferatu Beach Party (S04 E02)

After last week’s blazing kickstart to a fantastic episode, we’re thrown into episode 2 from the jump. The Boulets are throwing a beach party and you’re all invited, vampires galore party leading the clues to this week’s challenge. 

The ghouls arrive in the boudoir to discuss last week’s antics, and my god no one holds back on their opinions of one another. Merrie Cherry throws the first blow towards Sigourney Beaver and her ploy on playing the game. Sigourney sticks up for girls, but the digs keep on digging moving towards Astrudas outfit, Merry is happily telling her opinions whether anyone wants to hear it or not. They begin to theorize just who got exterminated last week, the majority wanting La Zavaleta to leave, well, surprise she’s back and eager than ever. 

Before any more words can be exchanged the Boulets summon them for the next challenge, and this is why I adore Dragula and why it keeps us on our toes. This week they must pair up for a Noserfratus beach party, in teams they will choreograph a number, design and sew their outfits. With Saint the winner of resurrection, the Boulets then casually throw in that why not bring in a competitor from previous seasons. My jaw plummeted and we all got our wish Dahli is back in the competition (confetti cannon) she was a fantastic competitor not only resurrection but season 2, where she was hotly tipped to be in the finale. Everyone is shocked, apart from Astrud who is thrilled to see her drag mother compete alongside.

Just how will the pairs be teamed up, I hear you ask? Well, the monsters must down a goblet of pigs’ blood and eat a clove of whole garlic, the first to win gets to team everyone up. Now I don’t know what’s worse, the pig’s blood or garlic, the garlic looks the worst to me, it’s such a strong smell plus the texture. La Zavelta wins and gets the pleasant job of teaming everyone. Now I thought she would play dirty but she plays fair and the teams are well connected. We have Sigourney and Asrud, Hoso Terra Toma and Dahli (dream team) Jade Jolie and Bitter Betty, Koco Kaine and Merry Cherry, and finally La Zavaleta and Saint. 

It’s time for the floor show, and I may be dense but I genuinely thought it would be on a beach, like the desert challenge in season 2. Alas, I was wrong, however, we have two gorgeous guest judges. We have Vanessa Hudgens who declares “She’s so into blood right now” we all know that infamous moment on Rupauls Drag Race AS3 – at least she’s in on the joke. Alongside Vanessa is DJ extraordinaire GG Magree.

The looks showcased once again were incredible, the creativity and execution these monsters are bringing to the show are fantastic. My favorites on the runway were Bitter Betty, Hoso, and Dahli, the floor show challenge however I did find it difficult to concentrate. There was so much happening it was hard to focus on one pairing, La Zavelta and Saint did a great job of capturing the beach spirit and really stood out to me. The cohesive performance of Hoso and Dhali also captured the campness that they wished to showcase together translated well on screen. With so much happening in a short space of time, I didn’t really see Jade often they kind of faded. The winners for me who shone were definitely La Zavelta and Saint. The Boulets have a moment to talk about the ghouls before judging, and they talk so candidly and it doesn’t feel like they are out for blood when critiquing the looks and performance. They’re fair, they hype the girls as they know who and what they are in the outside world. These two genuinely care for the talent and you can see they are rooting for everyone, this is how it should be done. However these safe queens, I can’t believe Merrie is safe again, the Boulets truly are rooting for her.

The safe queens are Jade, Merrie, and Sigourney. The tops are Hoso, Dahli, La Zaveta, and Saint. I agree all four honed in the assignment perfectly and I couldn’t keep my eyes off, this week the winner is…. Saint! This leads us to the bottom three, Bitter Betty, Koco, and Astrud, the two facing the extermination are Astrud & Betty. This extermination challenge is a blood-sucking fear factor, both will be submerged in leech-infested waters. Whilst it sounds gross, some people pay money for this as a treatment to improve blood flow, so technically they’re getting a free beauty treatment. The aftermath of those in the bottom is fast becoming my favorite part of the show, these ghouls want this, you can feel the passion and anger at themselves for landing themselves in the bottom. It’s an explosive rant about why he should stay, but it comes across a bit entitled. I totally get this is your dream but it also takes away from Betty who is also at the bottom and wants to prove trans women deserve to be on the show too.

So the limb sucking has begun, they both do well although Betty does take her arm out a few times, will that go against her? The close-ups of blood and the leeches did make me go a little queasy, it just looks so gross and slimy. We, unfortunately, see Astrud washed up on the rocks, hiding from the Boulets. For the second week, I’m surprised by who they’ve chosen to exterminate, I do love the production of how the ghoul is eliminated. They get their final moment in a horror scene, their last bit of spotlight before being gruesomely exterminated. 

That was quite the episode, so who did you love? Whose beach party look rocked your vampire world? 

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