Bob‘s birthday bash: 24 hours livestream to celebrate a queen in style!

Hello, dear readers! Welcome on this June 22nd, it’s kind of rainy here in the UK, the week has barely begun and you might be wishing for the weekend to arrive already … But wait, today is no ordinary Tuesday – no, today is a very special day! One of our fave RPDR alumns turns 35 and we are all invited to the party – join Bob the Drag Queen’s 24-hour livestream and help them celebrate in style – festivities will include podcasting (we all love Sibling Rivalry with Monét X Change!), tik-toking (yes, this queen is down with the kids), and a fabulous living room cabaret with guest performers, just to name a few things! So, get up, get ready and join the party from 9 am (PST) via:




After Bob‘s party, you should take time to relax and chill to prepare yourself for the next big event that‘s on the agenda this weekend: the second Annual Black Queer Town Hall event is taking place on Saturday, June 26th and Sunday, June 27th! The non-profit organization, led by Peppermint and Bob The Drag Queen, is committed to celebrating black queer excellence by supporting and cultivating community, sharing knowledge, and uplifting voices.  This event is meant to create space to heal, mourn, and rejoice in Black Lives while raising money for Black Queer talent and this year’s charity, The Knights & Orchids Society. This year’s talent includes Bob, Peppermint, Be Steadwell, Big Freedia, Mila Jam,  Monet X Change, and many more important black artists. View the Black Queer Town Hall commercial HERE and please donate if you are able via the Go Fund Me page HERE.

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