The powerful message of ‘GIRL BABY’ by Ezra Michel

So, we are now living in 2021, almost post-pandemic. Especially during this Pride month, there seems to be an overload of rainbow moments and a big part of society congratulates themselves on being all so very open minded and educated. And yes, we HAVE come a long way since the days where people couldn’t be themselves and don‘t even imagine marching on Oxford Street for Pride, but still – for a species that sends people into space (to maybe find new planets to live on), drives electric cars (to save this planet) and lives until their late 80s, there is one thing that seems to send us back to the times past: Why is it, that when the people expect a new addition to their family, they have the choice between the binary of blue (for boys) and pink (for girls)? Yes, yes, we know, there’s also the ‘gender-neutral‘ yellow, but why do we need to assign concepts like that to colors anyways?

Fortunately, singer songwriter Ezra Michel from Los Angeles shares these thoughts and has released a new song about the ‘binary battle’ between pink and blue: ‘Girl Baby‘ delivers the powerful (and much needed) message, that you can and should be who YOU want to be, what makes YOU happy!

Laith Ashley, Ezra Michel and Gottmik on set. (Courtesy of Ken Philips Publishing)

“I think it’s important to imagine a world where coming out as nonbinary or trans is not an earth shattering event, or something to fear. I came up with the idea for “Girl Baby” while dreaming about what I would have wanted to experience as a trans child.”

Ezra Michel

We have to say, the music video (production was helmed by Alex Lampos) excels at delivering the message – featuring an all trans male cast, with RPDR fan favorite and finalist Gottmik and actor/model Laith Ashley as Ezra‘s mother and father. And another well-loved RPDR alumn worked their magic behind the camera, directing the video: Bob the Drag Queen knocked their directorial debut out of the park with this one!

 “When Ezra asked me be in his video, I just said, “YES!” even before he shared the song and his vision for the video. Once I listened and he told me I would be playing his dad, I teared up. It’s a beautiful song and the video is the perfect visual to tell the story. It was genius to have two trans-men play his parents and I loved how the video depicted the trans-masculine spectrum.” 

Laith Ashley

“It really felt gorge to be a part of a project with so much trans masc representation. I didn’t have anything like this to watch when I was younger.”


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