Alaska’s Anthem: Love, Music, Pride, ROY G BIV BBT!

Have you heard about ROY (G BIV BBT)? No?! Don’t worry, we are here to tell you about them – what at first glance seems like a one-of-a-kind last name for a guy named Roy is the title of a song that got recently released by one of THE queens of drag music – and since that moment, it got all of our team singing it on loop (we would even say it‘s right on par with UK Hun?).

ROY G BIV BBT is Alaska Thunderf*cks first-ever Pride anthem and was written by Alaska and their friends: Ashley Levy, Tomas Costanza, Paul Coultrup, Toby Marlow & Nick Laughlin.

“I love colors. I love rainbows. And I love speaking assertively over a pounding techno beat. This is a Pride anthem dedicated to the updated version of the Pride flag which includes Black, Brown, and Trans rainbow stripes.“

Alaska 5000

The letters in the song title stand for RED, ORANGE, YELLOW; GREEN; BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET; BLACK, BROWN, TRANS (Pink, White, Light Blue).

I look forward to a post-quarantine Pride season where we can dance, dance, dance, with our hands above our heads, heads, heads.“

Alaska 5000

So, while we all wait and prepare ourselves for that post-quarantine season, we recommend you go and listen to ROY G BIV BBT now – just click on the video below to take in all the amazing rainbow visuals Alaska has cooked up for the video to their new Pride anthem (Warning: You won‘t be able to get it out of your head after listening!)

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If you don’t already then be sure to follow Alaska on their social media channels:

Instagram: @theonlyalaska5000

Twitter: @Alaska5000

Facebook: @AlaskaThunder

Official website:

Youtube: @alaskatron5000

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