All Hail the Drag Kings: The Unofficial King Pride is streaming this May!

Are you ready to be in the presence of drag royalty? Then, grab your mobile device or even better, turn on your (Internet-ready) TV and get set for a two-day spectacular online event celebrating the incredible talents of drag kings worldwide! Macho Man will host the Unofficial King Pride which will stream exclusively on Youtube 1st and 2nd May (10 PM GMT, 11 PM Mainland Europe, 5 PM EDT, 2 PM PDT), featuring over 50 Drag Kings from around the world over two days. Hosted by one of Birmingham’s premiere Drag Kings, D.Sasstrus Doe, sit back, enjoy and support the Drag King community.

During the pandemic, drag artists have worked incredibly hard to deliver creative shows to our living rooms nows your chance to tip the kings during the performance. As you can see both days look jam-packed to showcase the best talent across the world, a great chance to discover some new performers as well as cheer on your favorites!

Besides this, Macho Man UK will also be raising money for the Terrence Higgins Trust, the
UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity, through charity auctions and other endeavors
(Merchandise is available at

The Unofficial King Pride will be available to view at Macho Man Drag UK’s YouTube channel. The team at Macho Man Drag UK believes in inclusivity and accessibility, therefore the show will be fully subtitled.
Featuring original material, lip-syncs and more you are going to find yourself rewatching
the show again and again. In a time when Drag Kings are fighting to get a seat at the table, we
should be celebrating them more than ever! If you’ve never been to a King show before now is
the time!

Charlie Bagshaw, creator, producer, and host of Unofficial Drag Pride said “Drag Kings have not
yet received the appreciation or cultural renown as our feminine counterparts in the media and
Unofficial Drag King Pride was born out of a need to break that glass ceiling. Having already
showcased over 60 masculine performances within the UK in our previous cabarets, the scope
and rewatchability of digital events have widened our audiences, and it is imperative that we
take a seat at the table of fabulous genderbending icons so our community is accurately
represented. Drag Kings, macho men, boylesque, male impersonators, masc performance art,
or whatever you want to label us, are just as fierce in Drag, and Unofficial King Pride is the free
digital event proving that.”

Following on from the success of our first two shows, Fantasy Cox Ball and Return of the Kings,
where Kings were featured from around the UK, Macho Man Drag UK are proud to be
showcasing the talents of Drag Kings from around the world.

Tune in on 1st and 2nd May at Macho Man Drag UK’s YouTube channel
Find us on all social media platforms
Instagram: @Machomandraguk
Facebook: Macho Man Drag Uk
Twitter: @machomandraguk

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