Comedy vs. Corona: “The Alaska Thunder**k Extra Special Comedy Special”

March of 2021 … The World is still stuck on the ‘Coronacoaster‘ and we don’t know when we will get off this ride and hopefully back to a somewhat normal life (without lockdown but instead live shows with our friends!). So, let’s face it: We are all in need of some good laughs in these trying times! Thankfully, help is on the way, for, once again our favorite Extraterrestrial from the Planet Glamtron has come to our rescue.

For one night only, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 will be airing her brand new show aka “The Alaska Thunder**k Extra Special Comedy Special“. The show will consist of Alaska’s greatest musical hits, exciting special guests, and a series of comedic jokes – join Alaska for a one-night-only engagement filmed in pre-pandemic Hollywood, California.

The queen herself tells us why she’s stepping into new territory with her special :

Doing a comedy special is highly outside of my comfort zone, as I have always been a queen who delivers strictly glamour at all times.  However, I have taken the plunge and finally attempted to be humorous in an exciting and new extra-special comedy special.  Please enjoy this foray into the land of setups, punchlines, stingers, and zingers, and let us be united for one brief moment, in laughter and love.” 

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000

Of course, some may wonder, is this battle going to be leveled, can comedy stand up against a pandemic-ridden world? Are the jokes too risqué? Is the glamour too glamorous? Well, there is only one way to find out: Watch the show when it debuts Wednesday, April 15 exclusively on the OUTtv USA Apple TV Channel.

What? You don’t want to wait until the middle of April? No problem: Check out the Behind The Scenes video HERE and get a sneak peak into what our favorite alien queen has been cooking up!

But, the ESCS (Extra Special Comedy Special) is not the only fun project that Alaska has up their sleeve! In addition to this new project, Alaska’s Drag Queen of the Year Pageant Competition Awards Contest Competition (DQOY) crowned its second-ever winner last weekend. Flying in the face of a global pandemic, economic meltdown, and catastrophic political landscape, the Drag Queen of the Year Pageant carried on with celebrity judges  Nicole Byer, Peppermint, Jiggly Caliente, Vinegar Strokes, Shea Coulee’, Willam, and 2019 contestant Aurora Sexton judging and scoring the 8 stunning contestants eventually naming Chicago’s own Tenderoni the winner.

Tenderoni is now $10,000 (via PayPal) richer and will proudly wear the 2021 crown and sash throughout the next 365 grueling days & nights until they take it away and name a new winner in 2022.  

The pageant was of course founded by Pageant Director Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, and co-founded by Executive Assistant Pageant Director Lola LeCroix. The DQOY Pageant placed Drag inclusivity at the forefront, creating a space that was open to any and all Drag performers— regardless of their anatomy, gender identity, or experience level.  The result was a fierce competition that electrified the audience, inspired the world, and broke barriers for all of Drag-kind.  Alaska saw the completion a step in the right direction with another successful year.

“With so many unknowns, taking the Pageant into a digital format was a risk- but it most definitely has paid off.  These outstanding performers each brought so much talent, so much innovation, and so much inspiration to every category, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m glad I wasn’t a judge because choosing a winner from this group of 8 exemplary artists was a seemingly impossible task, but I send my congratulations to Tenderoni who I know will carry this crown and this title with elegance and grace.  But to all the contestants- I extend my deepest thanks, and I assure you all that the inspiration you have provided to the world will continue to echo and reverberate around the world for ages to come.”


For more info on the history of the pageant, and its mounting success read our chat with Alaska here.

So, fellow Earthlings, what are you waiting for? Join us on this comedic journey with the one and only Alaska and let‘s „live, laugh, DRAG“ for one night as we tell Miss Rona to SASHAY AWAY so we can be happy again and see our friends face to face instead of via a flickering computer screen!

Don’t miss the very first comedy special airing on OutTV USA Apple April 15th, and on Canada: OUTtv Broadcast and streaming on OUTtvGo and the OUTtv Prime and Apple TV channels, UK and Ireland: Froot (

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