Books That Matter: The Ultimate Book Gift

If like us you love a good book, then let us introduce you to the bookworm’s dream ‘Books That Matter.’ A gorgeous subscription box curated and partnering up with independent owned woman businesses, feminist topics, and female authors.

Each month themes around an important topic, the box with a handpicked book is also accompanied by wonderful little treats. Past boxes have consisted of tote bags, face masks, tea bags (which is the perfect way to relax with a good book right?)

Not only is it a great monthly treat, but an excellent way to broaden your reading materials, expand the overflowing bookshelves, and feel great about supporting well-deserved important independent businesses. My very first back in July 2020 consisted of a magazine with interviews with that month’s author – Lisa Taddeo author of Three Women. The book itself isn’t something I would normally pick up, although I love nonfiction, in fact, it’s the only genre I tend to read.

This book I found gripping, the three lives of the featured woman over a decade saw their own relationships with men and how they see themselves, along with their hopes and dreams dashed/ruin/enhanced by the men in their love lives. What felt like an expose on people’s sex lives it in fact felt like an insight into how women all in some way felt these feelings within their own lives, and perhaps realize we aren’t all that different after all. Each woman’s story is gripping, personally, Maggie’s story was the one I felt most sad for after I finished the book I had to read up online on her case in the news. To see her in ‘real-life’ made her story even more heartbreaking, and to see her outside the realm of the words on the page.

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Besides the book, little gifts accompany the box, prints from the fab company Moon and Me, and my personal favorite prints from the incredible Florence Givens’ who’s must-read book ‘ Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ captured women’s hearts and mind this year, which you can read our review here.

The box which is available in a variety of subscription options are affordable, their online community is a great thing to be a part of discussing that month’s book with like-minded people sharing their passion for books as a collective as well as supporting women and uplifting one another.

Below are the subscription offers as well as their social media links. They also have a Facebook book group once you have subscribed to your first box to join in the discussions. Happy reading!

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Facebook @booksthatmatter

Book subscription plans here

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