Alaska: Drag Queen Pageant 2021 is back!

Cast your mind way back to May 2019, not only does it now feel forever ago thanks to the year 2020, but it marked the very first Drag Queen of the Year Pageant Competition Awards hosted by everyone’s favorite Glamazon: Alaska Thunderfuck.

The competition garnered positive comments from within the community due to its inclusivity, opening the space to all performers irregardless of gender identity, anatomy, and their own drag level/experience. The competition led to not only one hell of a cast but began tearing down the barriers of who can do drag.

Alaska and Lola LeCroix. Photo Credit: Krystle Coll

 A pandemic can’t break the spirit of anyone, with the pageant back and on it’s digital home-hosted via Sessions live here.

So grab some snacks, a lovely beverage of your choice, and come celebrate on Sunday, March 7th, 2:00 pm PT/5:00 pm ET/ 10:00 pm GMT to see who is our newly crowned Drag performer of the year.

Alaska tells us why the drag pageant returning is important to drag:

“Lola and I initially set out to do this Pageant as an experiment– What would happen if we held a competition that welcomed all different types of Drag performers, regardless of their gender identity or anatomy or history– all on the same stage?  The result was way more amazing than we ever could have anticipated, and with the first iteration of the Pageant in 2019 we knew we had birthed something very special.  The world as we know it came to a halt shortly after the time we announced the 2020 Pageant, and we had to postpone it indefinitely. 

But luckily, thanks to Sessions Live, we now have the perfect streaming platform to put on a digital version of the Pageant.  And at last, we will have the chance to depose Abhora, whose reign as Drag Queen of the Year has gone on far too long, and has brought the world nothing but plague, unrest, and misery.”

Drag royalty Alaska founded the pageant alongside Executive Assistant Pageant Director Lola LeCroix, the streaming of the show on Sessions Live aims to unite audiences from across the globe.

So just who is this year’s cast? Collated and selected by a mysterious panel of anonymous drag elders and icons, this collection of outstanding Drag artists will compete for a chance to win a crown, a sash, a bouquet of very nice flowers, and a prestigious title.  Oh, and also $10,000 (via PayPal).  

Not only is the cast incredibly talented, but also joining the party are a host of celebrity judges such as Nicole Byer, Peppermint, Jiggly Caliente, Vinegar StrokesShea CouleeWillam, and 2019 contestant Aurora Sexton will be tasked with the vital role of judging and scoring the contestants.

Say hello to your 2021 contestants and remember to follow all the artists on their social medias:

Learn more about the contestants here:

Maureen San Diego, Chicago, IL @maureensandiego

Maureen San Diego

Chiquitita, Brooklyn, NY @chiquitettas


Lucy Stoole Chicago, IL @tyislucystoole

Lucy Stoole

Tito Soto Los Angeles, CA

Tito Soto

Cassandra Complex, New Jersey, @menorahsecaucus

Cassandra Complex

Tenderoni, Chicago, IL, @tenderoni88


Dixie Surewood, Pittsburgh, PA, @dixiesurewood

Dixie Surewood

Jake Dupree, Los Angeles, CA, @jakedupree

Jake Dupree

Tickets are available to purchase here and in a range of tiers below:

CLASSIC (early bird for first 500 tickets only) – $20  

After the first 500 sell. Tickets rise to $25

Access to show:

CLASSIC PLUS – $49 – access to show, printed official program for the pageant (sent via mail), access to the official 30 minute after-party Q&A with a chance to interact with Alaska & Lola

CLASSIC ELITE –  $79 – access to show, printed official program for the pageant personally SIGNED BY ALASKA (sent via mail), access to the official 30 minute after-party Q&A with a chance to interact with Alaska

ULTRA CLASSIC ELITE 5000 – $149  – access to show, printed official program for the pageant personally SIGNED BY ALASKA (sent via mail), access to the official 30 minute after-party Q&A with a chance to interact with Alaska, a virtual one on one meet & greet with Alaska after the show, a signed limited edition official 2021 Drag Queen of the Year candle by Maison de LeCroix, an official DQOY poster personally signed by ALASKA (sent via mail)

FORMAT: PRE-RECORDED & LIVE (live will be from Loyal Studios arranged by Sessions, and some live remotely from the contestant locations as well from their homes).

So be sure to join the fun and what better way to celebrate all drag!

Please direct all press inquiries or interview requests via email to

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