Peppermints back with new single: ‘Every Morning’

We may be missing out on live gigs, but we can still look forward to new music from the comfort of our own home. Someone who is giving us the best of new music to keep us entertained during this „Covid World“ is Peppermint, back with her new album ‘A Girl Like Me: Letters To My Lovers’. Released last week, we’re all treated to brand new single ‘ Every Morning, featuring a cameo and guest vocal by actor/model Laith Ashley.

Peppermint talks about why this record has been so important to her particularly during 2020. “This song is a fantasy against the backdrop that 2020 was the deadliest year on record for trans women and most murders are committed by our boyfriends and lovers who are ashamed of us.

Many trans people have to overcome a lot of personal and social obstacles just to survive. Discrimination, violence can stand in the way of leading a healthy and productive life. “Every Morning” is the opposite of that. This video depicts a couple in the throes of love and romance and a partnership where the leading man adores his partner rather than being ashamed of her…which again is the norm for many.

The last time we spoke to Peppermint she had just come off her run on Season 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race, since then has gone to star in musicals, multiple tv roles, and become an activist who continues to defy limitations and making music, for example her first single, “Best Sex”, released this past fall and lauded with a 2020 “Best Songwriter” award for Peppermint & Adam Joseph by World of Wonder’s Wowie Awards. 

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Peppermint can currently be seen in her new Twitch series “Pepp Talks” HERE where Peppermint and her famous friends review classic black movies each week. 

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