Alaska Thunderfuck’s Letting it snow

We’re getting closer to the big day and everyone was treated to an early gift in the form of Alaska Thunderfuck’s brand new single ‘Let it, Snow.’ The glamazon superstar who has plenty of hit singles in her music catalog including festive hits such as ‘Christmas S%x’ has added another festive hit to her bow of achievements.

The latest single mixed by top duo Ivan and Peter has the signature Alaska husky tones and is accompanied by her extraordinary alien video.

‘Let It Snow’ premiered with a festive one of a kind 3D animated video, the video created by Agusta Yr sees a 3D animation of the one and only Alaksa bikini-clad ready to flaunt her stuff amongst the snow. The video complete with dancing fairies clad in the iconic Poundcake make-up, rounds of the video for everything you want in an Alaska video!

If you’re not wearing nails then you’re not doing drag, Alaska once proclaimed, well if you aren’t prancing through candy canes in a bikini topped with giant hair and a fur coat then you aren’t doing Christmas.





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