Get Ready For Cracktation…. Miz Cracker

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She’s a womannnnnn, a now iconic associated phrase by the one and only Miz Cracker. Since her appearance on Rupaul’s Drag Race season 10 way back in 2018, this queen has gone on to tour the world, produce a one woman show and of course made a much anticipated return to All stars 5 reaching one hell of a talented final three. 2020 may have slowed many down but not Cracker, with her new podcast ‘She’s a Woman’, an upcoming 2021 tour in the US and UK she now has a brand new holiday single featuring her AS5 sister Jujubee. We chatted to Miz Cracker about all the above and more…..get ready for cracktation!

Dragadventures: You’ve recently released your brand new music single and video ‘Eight days of You’ (feat. Jujubee), How did the collaboration come about? 

Miz Cracker: It was love at first sight when I saw Juju eat 6 tacos in a single sitting on the set of All-Stars 5, and we became friends immediately. But then this summer we were talking, and we thought we should share some of our love with the world. So we had an idea to write a song together, and the rest is history.

DA: Who influences your style of music? How do you come up with ideas for new songs?

MC: I love the 50s and 60s girl and boy groups. I think there’s something hilarious about taking disgusting or ridiculous content and putting it to the wholesome melodies of those decades. My songs basically just come out of my diary, when I write an idea in my diary that I want to share, I make it into a song.

DA: Another thing to add to your never ending achievements is your latest podcast ‘She’s a woman’ in which you chat with some amazing woman guests. Who would be your dream guest for the podcast?

MC: We just had my dream guest do an interview for the podcast: Rachel Bloom. Bloom helped make the incredible musical TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which touches on everything from women’s rights and gender to mental health and Jewish guilt—hello, my favorite topics. 

DA:Your much anticipated return to AS5 made fans incredibly happy, but for you what was the standout moment in making a return to the show? Do you feel you left achieving everything you set out to do?

MC: My standout moment for AS5 was wearing my fancy new pickle outfit in the talent show. There’s nothing like bringing back an old favorite to please the crowd. If I accomplished only that moment, then I think I accomplished a lot.

DA:Next year sees you back on the road touring in the US and the U.K., what aspect of the shows are you looking  forward to the most and what can fans expect to see?

MC: I look forward to actually seeing my audience in person again, seeing the looks on people’s faces. In these next tours, people can expect brand new comedy, new songs, choreo, and of course never-before-told stories from the bizarre world I call home. 

Photo by Joshua Going

DA: What does the holiday season look like in the Miz Cracker household? Do you have any fave traditions and moments you’re looking forward to even though the world seems currently absolutely crazy?

MC: Hello, there’s nothing more special than making latkes. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world outside, I’m going to grate up some potatoes and onions, get out the sour cream and applesauce, and have myself a little Jewish feast. Truly my favorite part of the holiday season.

DA: And finally with all the things you’ve achieved, are there any other avenues you wish to explore further? What’s next for Miz Cracker?

MC: I was thinking about becoming a barista. I like making people happy, and when are you at your happiest? When someone hands you a cup of coffee.

Cracker’s new single ‘Get the F%#$ out of here’ is out now

Podcast: @Shesaowoman

Youtube: @MizCracker

Instagram: @miz_cracker


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