Divina De Campo: Red and Silver Xmas is here

Divina De Campo is back with a festive sparkle set to kickstart us into the Christmas spirit, treating everyone to her first-ever Christmas EP ‘Red and Silver’. Following the success of her debut Ep ‘Decoded, this time around the process was a little different, the Ep was written and recorded during the UK lockdown in her home studio. 

Divina wanted to bring us something exciting and festive to look forward to “Red and Silver has been a real labour of love but one I wanted to share more than anything. We all need to enjoy this Christmas after the year that we’ve faced so I hope these songs bring some much-needed joy. As I say in the track, give yourself the gift that lasts all year, me!”

Red and Silver sets us on a Christmas sleigh ride with three original songs and a rework on the classic: The 12 Days of Dragmas. Setting us with camp from beginning to end, intro track ‘Red and Silver’, showcases Divinas vocal range leading us to the catchiest of choruses. Encouraging us to gift our loved ones Divina exclaims…. “Red, white and silver and shine like Divina”. This song is bouncing with happiness, festive cheer and genuinely makes you hyped up for Christmas like when you were a kid!

Next up is the incredibly catchy ‘Sleigh the House Down’ this track makes you wish the clubs were open for the festive season to have a good sweaty dance with Santa hat accessories in tow. However, the reality is this year will be a living room dance acting out your Christmas party fantasy!

Each song exuberates pure talent, catchy lyrics full of euphemisms -Stuff my stocking, a dedicated love letter to Santa with some innuendo….Need we say more?

Our standout track although hard to choose, is the festive countdown “The 12 Days Of Dragmas” get rehearsing the lyrics come the 1st Decemeber you can be the most campest person singing gems such as… “pin badge from BBC Three…four silver dresses…..10 devious drag queens”. You will not get the song out of your head! 

Red and Silver is everything you need in a festive Ep, Divina has captured the fun of Christmas with her vocal range, musical laydown, and witty lyrics. With this year being the mess it is, Divina has come to us as a fairy drag mother and gifted us with the true gift of Christmas cheer, which we all need to hear. 

Red and Silver is a 5 out of 5 and a big hit with team Dragadventures. The Ep which is out now is available on all good streaming sites and Itunes, as if this wasn’t enough Divina will be hosting a Christmas TV Special over on FROOT. Bringing us Christmas early….we do think!

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