Out of the darkness, into the spotlight!

2020 has been a crappy year!

We haven’t been able to go to the cinema, theatre or any drag shows! Travel restrictions have stopped the RuPaul’s Drag Race stars from coming over so their UK tours have either been postponed or canceled altogether. Some have started coming over with socially distanced shows and socially distanced meet and greets. But we’re still missing out on so much!

But then we had a light in the darkness!
A trailer blew up on social media to advertise a film we’ve all been waiting for!


And suddenly life wasn’t quite so bad!

Originally due to be released this year, it got postponed till 2021 and now we have a release date of 20th February 2021 thanks to the trailer and a beautiful poster!

The film stars Max Harwood as Jamie New, Sarah Lancashire as Jamie’s mum Margaret New, and Richard E Grant as Hugo (Jamie’s mentor).

Watching the trailer (maybe more than once…don’t judge me) it looks like the film doesn’t deviate far from the stage show. The show opened in February 2017 in Sheffield before transferring to the west end in November 2017. It took the west end by storm with sell-out performances and some big stars setting foot on its stage.

The show is based on the 2011 tv documentary Jamie- drag queen at 16 and centers on Jamie who dreams of becoming a drag queen and attending his school prom in a dress. This obviously causes problems with his school and some members of his family but with the support of his incredible mum and school friends, Jamie realizes his dream.

The trailer gives us a whistle-stop tour of the film and it just looks incredible. There look to be dramatic moments, show-stopping dance numbers, and outrageous costumes.

We’re even treated to a couple of the songs from the show. Sarah Lancashire is heard singing the beautiful heartbreaking song ‘He’s my boy’ (one of my personal favorites from the show) and it sounds like Sarah Lancashire has the perfect voice to carry this big song.

I, personally can’t wait to see this film and hear the full soundtrack. Everybody’s talking about Jamie is one of my favourite musicals and sits quite close to home for me hence why I find it so emotional. It’s definitely going to bring us out of this rubbish year and start 2021 off in the right way!

There’s a place where we belong and that’s on stage with Jamie! See you at the cinema! ? Refresh your memory of the wonderful stage show here

Check out the trailer below if you haven’t already seen it!

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