World Wide Wednesday – Gina Show

We’ve got another worldwide Wednesday queen this time brought to you by our latest guest contributor the wonderful Spanish queen The Katherine.

It all started at a cult nightclub called Black Cat in Mallorca, Spain. In a night of a lot of
effervescence, where the public of this prestigious place saw Gina Vagina born. A drag
queen artist who has relevant artists from 80 ́s like “ Mary and Gordy “ and “ Coccinelle “
for inspiration. Today this prestigious Drag artist who lives in Mallorca, tells us a bit about her life, her beginnings, and what really makes her soul stand on end.

Queengina. Photo @dragqueengina

Dragadventures: Where was your first show ?
Gina Show: My first show was in a disco called “Black Cat” in the year 200 in Mallorca – Spain.

DA: Describe to us your “Getting Ready “ process
GS: If you mean the first show. This was in a Drag contest. I remember that I went with a friend
of mine. I did it just for testing and I didn’t really feel ready at any time. Everything half done. I
didn’t know how to makeup, I didn’t know how to wear the wig. I didn’t know anything, but I
dared and everything was really fine.

DA: What is your best performance and why?
GS: I don’t have any better performance and I always try to do new things. Of course, the one that
people like the most is when I remove my makeup by doing the show called “A mi Manera”

DA: What are your most proud to be a Drag Queen artist?
GS: I love to make people happy and enliven the atmosphere of any type of event

DA: What is your favorite make up product you can ́t live without?
GS: I need a good makeup base that can cover my beard shade well!

DA: Which other drag performers do you admire?
GV: Let me explain to you first. I am older and for me the reference Drag Queens were from
80 ́s. Also I lived in Germany for some time. So my most admired queen is Mary del Duo “Mary
und Gordy”, but as a child, I watched tv The Coccinelle Shows, she is on Italian artist . So
those are my Drags references if you meant that.

DA: What movie or tv show makes you cry forever?
I am very sensitive to dramatic scenes. So any movie or tv series in which there is a sad
scene makes me tears easily come out at any moment.

Stay up to date with all things Gina on her social media below:

Instagram: dragqueengina

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