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As we began this feature Bournemouth’s nightlife was making a slow and much-needed return with the debut of drag brunches, the much-loved DYMK bar located in the heart of Bournemouth’s nightlife has hosted the incredibly popular ‘For the love of drag’ nights. The events which now sell out incredibly quickly hosts the Rupaul’s Drag Race alumni and has support from the best of the best local queens and kings. 

Being able to support the arts at this time is also important, with the latest drag brunch selling out in less than 24 hours. Yet as we write this the country has been pushed back into Lockdown 2.0, seeing our nightlife halted once again. But never the less it will return, in the meantime let us introduce to you Delatrix. The classy kinda trash artist who grabbed our attention at Cheryl Hole last year, the energy witnessed had us screaming and becoming avid fans! So as we enter lockdown lets get to know this one to watch artist, we talk brunches, Bournemouth, and of course the rollercoaster of 2020. Welcome to the stage….Miss Delatrix.

Dragadventures: How would you describe Delatrix’s style/aesthetic? Who gives you that creative inspiration be it through performance or style?

Delatrix: My aesthetic is very pop-punk dominatrix vibes with a dark mistress element. I get loads of Inspo from Brooke Candy, Helena Bonham Carter, and the Cock Destroyers! 

Dragadventures: Drag has become such a powerhouse and inspiration for many, how did you get into the drag world and who inspired you?

Delatrix: I got into drag when I was realizing my identity as a non-binary human! I once thought I wanted to be a woman but it wasn’t until learning and meeting other non-binary people that I fully got into drag. It gives me the chance to fully outlet my full female side without fear!

Delatrix and Crystal Lubrikunt. Credit: DYMK/

Dragadventures: Back in 2019 you won the popular lipsync for your life and ended up supporting Yyvie Oddly, how was that experience and how did you prepare yourself to perform such a fun show?

Delatrix: I was so so SO scared about this omg, but it was so amazing. I went for a long drive and played a selection of bad bitch punky songs and came to choose Paramore. I practiced as much as I could with the space I have at home, but it’s great to have more space when performing to flail about! 

Dragadventures: What is/are your favorite aspects of performing in drag? How much of the audience gets you fired up?

Delatrix: I absolutely live for the screams and cheers, I love hearing people live for what I’m doing and showing their excitement whilst prancing about. Especially when they gasp, it’s just so exhilarating. 

Dragadventures: Your routines are always incredibly high energy, how do you go about putting a routine together from music to the actual performance. Do you put together a full choreography piece or go with how you feel on the night?

Delatrix: When I put together a number, I have set choreography for certain parts and others it’s more reading the crowd for what to do and just freestyle a little bit! I find it too serious if I’m fully routining something and I love spontaneity. 

Dragadventures: DYMK – (For the Love OF Drag)has hosted so many wonderful shows over the last year, in which you’ve stolen the show with your death dropping performances. How did you start working with the bar, and what has been your favorite performance during your time with DYMK?

Delatrix: I started at the bar through Crystal Lubrikunt’s fierce Fridays. She saw the talent I had and chose me to win the competition. DYMK then made an all-stars version for Bournemouth and I won residency there which was an amazing experience. My favorite performance there was definitely the Baga Chips night when I did a Lily Allen PCD Mix and my make up skills were on point that day.

Dragadventures: You’ve been back in action doing a few brunches in the area, how has it been being able to perform again to audiences? Did you use lockdown as an opportunity to rehearse new songs/get creative or to just sit and breathe?

Delatrix: I have been yearning for more and more and I was so excited to host my own events and lockdown just snatched it from me which knocked my confidence quite a bit. But I bounced back hard by perfecting my skills in lockdown. 

Dragadventures:  Since here at Dragadventures we like to be as optimistic as possible, and think that one day, the pandemic will be over, we would like you to finish the following sentence: Once this pandemic is over, the first thing I want to do is…


Dragadventures:  Before finishing our interview, let’s talk about the giant virus-sized elephant in the room … Without a doubt, this year has been quite a challenge for everyone. How have you been during the lockdown and after? How does one stay creative during a challenging time such as this? 

Delatrix: Lockdown was a whirlwind of emotions for me, I had some awful times but also some amazing times. Its been quite exhausting going back to my day job with everything being so close contact. With drag shows having lost that freeing element a little bit from the limiting of cheering and screaming and interacting with the crowds it just makes work harder for more creative ways to entertain. 

Dragadventures: Finally where can we see you perform next and what’s next for Delatrix?

Delatrix: Unfortunately we are now in another lockdown and did have a couple in the pipeline… hopefully in December/January I’ll be in Southampton at Dawns Drag Diner and possibly at some more London gigs! I’ll be fine-tuning my drag skills some more and making some new ensembles for the shows and hopefully snatch some more bookings for the new year.

Be sure to follow Delatrix on the following social media:

Instagram: @_delatrix

Facebook: @Delatrix

Twitter: @delatrixx1

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