Dragworld ’19-Mini UK interviews

The Dragworld 2019 weekend was a whirlwind of meet and greets, panels and catwalks. The list goes on and on. The convention was jam-packed with queens across the board with more UK talent than ever. During the weekend we managed to grab some of your favorite and wonderful UK queens and ask them what their favorite thing about the Dragworld experience is!

Holly Stars by @throughsparkleslens

DA: What is the best thing about your DragWorld experience? 

Holly Stars: People have brought me presents including some biscuits,I have had custard creams, party rings I’m dead happy. The best thing is I’m just meeting so many people, its nice to meet people who follow me on Instagram.

Sheila Simmons: Well I’ve only been here the one day and it’s just been fantastic. I’ve done a meet and greet so I’ve met some of the fans. I’ve been skating around on my roller skates which has been a challenge but you know me, I like a challenge. It’s just been wonderful. I just think, what a great place. Everyone is celebrating drag and just being who they are and I think that’s just amazing. 

CJ Banks (Slay Presents!): It was interesting, it was fun. We got to meet lots of people. We got to meet lots of fans of Slay Presents and us as individual queens. I had lots of fun. It’s tiring, everyone knows that. It’s a long long day, especially to be in drag all that time.

Shelia Simmons. Photo by @throughsparkleslens

Miss Peaches (Slay Presents!): A good insider is expect the unexpected. You never know what’s going to happen. It does inflict on your body a little bit being in drag for 8 hours. I think we all agreed you shouldn’t be in drag for longer than 3-4 hours.

Ashley Fox: It’s always fun, really tiring but fun. I love it every year, highlight is working again for the 3rd year and meeting loads of people.

Paul Aleksander/All Drag Is Valid: It’s been my first Dragworld. I’ve meant to come the last 2 years but this is the one I’ve come to with ALL DRAG IS VALID the booth. It’s been really nice, incredibly friendly. Not a single problematic person, not that you expect that but it’s just been so much further from that, so warm and nice. It’s been busy today and it’s been super fun. 

Amber Cadaverous/All Drag Is valid: It’s been amazing! I’ve had a really good time. Last year I was helping a friend out and it was nice as I still got to meet people. But this year, having a booth has been amazing as I got to meet so many people. It’s been a really important message with ALL DRAG IS VALID, doing a panel, Bringing lots of really important topics about diversity and decent representation. 

DA: You get to put your fave celebrity in drag, who would it be and what would be there drag name?

Kate Butch: Well I love Kate Bush, I’d put her in drag, a floral number, something float to match her being a goddess. If you wanted to develop into a drag family it would be called: George W. Bush and the alternative drag name which I have been sitting on for a while would be Jemima Bagwhileimintheloo.

Kate Butch Photo by @throughsparkleslens

DA: That’s the thing that might be missing from the show. Focusing on one specific thing whereas the UK is good for diversity. We have such a diverse spectrum of drag. 

Amber Cadaverous: Totally. There’s such a different scene from the US, having experienced both. We’re very different, we’re much smaller, close knit, like everyone kind of knows everyone. 

DA- Everyone’s starting to support their local queens, in which you got to travel to America this year how was that? 
Amber Cadaverous: Yes I was. I went back to Chicago again. It’s like a home away from home. Everyone’s so friendly there. And they definitely pour heavy, they like to have a good time.

Without a doubt, Dragworld is our highlight to work, we get to work with some fantastic people. Indulge in a weekend of fun, surrounded by so much talent, and bring the best content to the site and for our readers! Follow all the queens, Dragworld, and keep an eye on all their upcoming shows!

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