Florence Given- Women Don’t owe you pretty

If I was to say this book will change your thinking and we all need to read it asap, well then the review would be very short. But this is the feeling I was left with when I shut the final page, how I wish I had a book like this during my teen years, it would have saved years of thinking I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, and let’s not even start with body confidence and boys.


Teenage girls today are under much more scrutiny and pressure, I can’t fathom having to feel in competition with who has the most interesting Instagram page, the best makeup looks, the adventures they get up to, and painting their picture-perfect life. As a 30-year-old my confidence is relatively high without being cocky, the fact I even have to disclaim I’m not cocky once again highlights the beauty industry’s need to feast on us feeling low. Our bodies are all different and fabulous women should be allowed to be celebrated and enjoyed in all forms. Unfortunately, we aren’t there just yet as not everyone feels that sky-high self-love, each chapter you read you feel more attacked, realizing you allowed the media and beauty standards placed upon you to eat up your head, ladies never let those thoughts consume you rent-free.


Deemed a feminist book, it can be a word that divides women today, younger people are more onboard with the term whereas perhaps older women think of it as men-hating bra burners.

The reality is, we should all be feminists, all demanding equality for everyone, Florence eloquently explains how we should all be in this together. Alongside this the eye-opening realization of intersectional femininity, uncomfortable reading when you think you are educated on women’s rights, I myself guilty of realizing how much more educational reading is required, a goal I’ve aimed to start on.

The illustrations alone are worthy artwork ready to be adorned on walls, and screensavers across the land, each one hitting the nail on the head. The ones that stick out are the comparisons we place on ourselves to others. I once upon a time would allow myself to compare others’ work to mine mainly in the freelance writing/Drag publication circuit, as Florence puts it there is room for everyone and without knowing it are all encouraged to find comfort in other women’s flaws, being pitted against instead of supporting one another.

Remembering there is enough room for all women without tearing each other down is something we really need to focus on. Once again told by the media that women are the enemy, who is the skinniest, prettiest, stylish, and most successful. I urge all of you gorgeous ladies to do yourself a favor, love yourself, appreciate what your body does for you. Idolize yourself, ask yourself why do we place such worth on celebrities and what they truly bring to you? Instead follow and support impactful, strong, and powerful women, cleanse your social media of the toxicity we allow to fill our minds with. Each chapter is more relatable with each page turned, the term ‘Male gaze’ opening our eyes to just how much we allow the opinions, the actions we submit to, all to please men especially those we accept what Flo deems as ‘crumbs’ we crave from the boys we like. I’m sure we are all guilty of allowing to accept crumbs from certain males in our lives from now on remember you want the whole.damn.cake!

I ate the book up in one day, it’s a book many will keep coming back to, reassuring themselves of their worth. I could spend forever talking about each chapter being so incredibly impactful to not only your body but your mental health. This will be your new bible, follow Flo on Instagram, and treat yourself to a motivational poster or badass t-shirt too!

Be sure to follow this wonderful person over on her social media, the book is available in all good bookshops!

Be sure to follow this wonderul person over on her social medias, the book is avaiable in all good bookshops!

Instagram: @florencegiven

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