Dragworld 2018: Making memories pt.2

Welcome to another round of our lovely readers’ DragworldUK memories – thank you for sharing your favorite moments with us!


Magical, manic, heartwarming
This year was much more organized and had so much more to see. If I could change anything it would be having air-con or fans of some kind in the venue! The organizers really care about the queens’ needs. They schedule plenty of breaks for them and offer them space to unwind behind the scenes – really excellent to see.

Fave moment: I was working on Katya’s booth and the highlight for me was seeing the excitement when fans who had queued for hours finally got to meet her. I also adored the It’s Okay to Not Be Okay panel.

Frankie, Brighton (UK)

Fierce, Amazing, Unforgettable


“I just really enjoyed drag world so much, and I can’t wait to go next year because it was such an amazing experience!”

New artists discovered: Cheddar Gorgeous – their make up look was amazing!
Fave moment:
My favourite moment was meeting Phi Phi O’Hara, she was the sweetest person ever! I didn’t even mind queuing up to 2 hours to meet her because it was so worth it!

Pauline, La Réunion

Dream come true


My name is Pauline, I’m from Reunion island in the Indian Ocean and I found out about DragWorld through twitter.

Fave moment: Meeting Phi Phi the second day and getting to thank her for how much she’s helped me with her music and for the incredibly positive impact she’s had on me through her art! I had an eleven plus hours flight to get there. And would definitely do it again next year! Everyone was incredibly sweet and I’ve never felt more

Poppy, Telford (UK)

Amazing, wonderful, lovely

Fave moment: I loved meeting all the queens and being so star struck when I met them.

Discovered new artists? Yes and I’m so grateful I did!


Amazing, exciting, talent


My name is Georgia, and I found out about DragWorld after researching UK drag queen tours. Overall, my experience at DragWorld this year was AMAZING, I would love to return next year.

About the Drag Ball: Alaska’s performance was definitely a highlight of the evening, as was Meth’s time on the stage. I enjoyed all of the performances and I think all of the queens who performed should return next year.

Fave moment: Meeting Katya and Alaska!! They were both so sweet and kind.

New artists discovered: Yes! The catwalk showcased so much UK talent.

Christopher (@chrisjaydon), Essex (UK)

Incredible, Energetic, Fabulous


Fave moment: Meeting PhiPhi Ohara because she was one of the most real queens I’ve ever met and I’ve met a few! Also watching Miss Chezza Hole and Miss Lydia L’Scabies perform! They can work a crowd

Vicki, Bath (UK)

Absolutely bloody incredible

New artists discovered: Yes! The catwalk showcased so much UK talent


Fave moment: Spending so much time at the Her Upstairs booth meeting so many fabulous UK Queens. I got to meet so many UK artists I’ve followed on Instagram for ages! It was a perfect weekend with so many lovely people, amazing performances and a fantastic weekend celebrating amazing Drag!

Jayde (@jaydeyohara)

Fave moment: The best ever – meeting Phi Phi O’Hara on Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t afford any merch and asked her to sign my t-shirt, so she gave me a free print and signed it. She was absolutely the loveliest and that kind gesture really warmed my heart.


New artists discovered: Yes, I didn’t know much about Cheryl Hole but she was very lovely and stunning.

Charlotte, Bingley (UK)

A bloody ball!
Fave moment: Getting to meet so many UK queens that I wouldn’t have got to meet otherwise.

New artists discovered: Yes! Lolo Brow was amazing!

Eilidh, Cambridge (UK)

Inspiring, surreal & liberating


Fave moment: Meeting Cheryl Hole, a UK Drag Queen Superstar, because she took time out of her day (when she was already on her way somewhere) to give me multiple fabulous hugs, smile and encourage me to be myself. This is also following me ugly crying after the ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’ panel hosted by the gorgeous & loveliest queen Crystal, so it really meant a lot to me.

New artists discovered: Anna Phylactic, Cheddar Gorgeous, Ophelia, and Herr.

About the Drag Ball: I loved it – energetic, entertaining and extravagant, but ultimately was such a shame when it ended! The highlight for me was watching Phi Phi O’Hara perform for the first time in person. Her singing voice is to die for, really though, and her choreography was fantastic. I look up to her so much as an artist so to see her perform was a particular highlight for me. I would love for Trixie (the one and only) Mattel perform because I think that her charismatic nature, wit, and musical talent would be so captivating. (This is also hoping she attends DragWorld 2019!) Also Aquaria/Asia/Miz Cracker! (Or any UK queen too- Cheryl/Crystal/Anna Phylactic/Cheddar Gorgeous etc.) Sorry I couldn’t just pick one.

Hints for next year? The catwalks should be arranged to more considerate of the panels as for sensitive topics e.g. mental health, it was out-of-place to hear cheering and such.

Annie, Surrey (UK)

Inspiring. Tiring. Fabulous.

New artists discovered: I didn’t discover new ones, but I have a new love for Cheryl Hole and Herr after DragWorld as they were truly incredible.

Fave moments: I spent the entire weekend going back and forth between the Her Upstairs booth and the catwalk stage so I have so many amazing memories. Honestly meeting most of the Her Upstairs queens and kings was amazing! Special shoutout to Lydia L’Scabies, Cheddar Gorgeous, Liquorice Black, & Anna Phylactic for being especially lovely.

New artists discovered: Yes! Lolo Brow was amazing!

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