Picture perfect paintings with Lizzie (FeaturedArtistsFriday)

This week’s Featured Artists Friday is spooky but really nice, artist Lizzie creates incredible paintings of not just  Sharon Needles but breath-taking portraits. The splendid work created by Lizzie has even found its way into Sharon’s home sealing the mark of approval.

DragAdventures: What made you focus your art on Sharon Needles in particular?


Lizzie: From a personal point of view she is my favourite drag queen. Her performance style, her music, her lyrics, and her sense of humour, I love it all. She pushes boundaries and does it all while making a joke.

From an art point of view, she has a great face to draw and paint! Distinctive features, and cheekbones and lips for days! As well as amazing make-up skills. And art is a way I can show appreciation (hopefully it comes across that way) for her work.

DA: Do you find as she has many looks it makes the creative process more fun?

L: Definitely, I love using colour and getting to play around with them through painting her different looks. It’s always fun to try painting a new hair colour and eye look. Although I have to say she’s much more creative than I am, I just copy what she creates!

DA: How has seeing your artwork in Sharon’s home made you feel from an artists perspective?


L: It’s amazing to have someone you admire appreciate your work, that goes for both Sharon and Chad(O’Connell). Having people who also create art, on a canvas or on stage, and who know what goes into it creating it, like something you create means so much.

Having said that, as many artists would also probably tell you they hate their old work. Giving pieces to them means I cant throw it away when I don’t like it anymore -which is pretty much a week after I’ve made it (laughs). Guess I’ll just keep making replacements for them and they can throw the old stuff away?

DA: On average how long will a painting take from start to finish?

L: On average, from drawing it out to finishing it, I would say a day. Varies a lot though.

 DA: Would you ever see yourself taking commissions for future work or producing merchandise?

L: I’ve started doing a few pieces for friends but nothing too official, not sure about the future yet. As for merch, that involves using technology and Photoshop, and I haven’t a clue how to use them.


DA: In the art world who would you say are your inspirations?

L: Loads of portrait artists inspire me, the whole realism art movement, other people who make fan art inspire me, and obviously drag queens.

DA: Do you have a favourite piece amongst all of your artwork?

L:  9 times out of 10 my most recent piece will be my favourite.

Follow Lizzie on Instagram and Twitter to see all her gorgeous artwork:

Instagram: @lizzie_grace_art/


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