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is celebrating another talented fan. This time from the incredibly talented Jessica. Her style of drawing has been a staple piece for Trixie Mattel art which has gained plenty of well-deserved attention from fans and the queen herself. Of course being so incredibly talented has had its lovely well deserved perks “Anytime Trixie Mattel notices me! She followed me on Instagram and Twitter and I just about lost it! Also, Jinkx posted me on their Twitter and Instagram and then proceeded to make my drawing their profile picture! That was pretty crazy!”

Jessica’s art varies from queen to queen each piece unique from the last with backgrounds to match the centerpiece. We grabbed a chat with how she gets her inspiration and her goals for the future.

DragAdventures: What made you want to start drawing drag queens in particular?


Jessica: Well I can’t quite remember when I first saw an image of Trixie Mattel but immediately when I did I just had to draw her. It’s like they are my muses? I usually draw whatever I’m interested in and drag queens became a new obsession to me back in 2015.

DA: How did you begin to design these specific types of art. Each one still has a running theme although they are completely different.


J: Finding my specific art style was such a frustrating process. I would physically sit and just try super hard to come up with something but over the course of me trying really hard and me just doodling it just formed out of nowhere.
DA: Trixie Mattel is, of course, a legend, icon, and star, but what is the most tricky part of drawing Trixie?

J: Trixie’s face is so specific you’d think it would be easy to draw her, it most definitely isn’t! I think the hardest part for me is just getting the face shape correct.

DA: Do you have specific plans for the future to branch out with the artwork? ie merchandise

J: I would love to continue to make merch for queens because I have in the past but personally I don’t have any shops or anything. I don’t really have a specific reason why I guess I just prefer doing commissions individually.

DA: What would be the ideal dream with the artwork goals?

J: My ideal goal at the moment is to design merch for Trixie Mattel. That has always been the goal and I hope it happens one day! I want to design more merch for any and all queens really. Maybe get to a Chad Sell level with my art and designing.

DA: How do you feel about people getting your art tattooed? *A Trixie Mattel fan recently had one of Jessica’s designs tattooed*

J: I think it’s just the craziest thing! It’s extremely validating to get my art permanently on someone’s body. It’s just proof to myself that people actually do like my art and they genuinely appreciate what I do. It’s very flattering!


So if you like what you see check out Jessicas social media, she is taking commissions so get your very own drag art today!

Twitter: tinkjobej

Instagram: tinkjobej

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