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Today, we take a leap across the sea to the Netherlands and get to feature a very talented artist with a unique style. He brings our fave queens like Detox, Jinkx Monsoon, and Alyssa Edwards to life in his colorful drawings which are well known across drag Twitter. We got to chat with the talented Beau about the importance of drag, the creative process and future goals!

Dragadventures: What got you into drawing? How did drag influence your artistic side? 

Beau: I have been doodling and drawing for as long as I can remember! But I started going to art school on weekends when I was about 15 years old. So I guess that’s when I started to take art more serious and make a possible career out of it!

Drag is a huge part of my life of course. And honestly, every single queen gives me so much inspiration whenever I draw them! I love drawing portraits and drag is just really varied which is what it makes so special.

DA: Can you describe your favourite art style/mediums used?

B: I have been doing traditional art for the longest and you really don’t need fancy supplies to do it. I have a cheap scrapbook which I always draw on. And I draw with a normal HB pencil and a 3B pencil for shading. I recently started doing digital art as well on my iPad and it’s so fun! I don’t think I can choose which art method I prefer honestly!

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DA: What made you focus your art on Detox in particular? Where do your get your inspirations to draw a look?

B: Ever since season 5 of RPDR aired on TV, I have been supporting Detox. So she’s of course one of my favorite people in the world. When I met her for the first time she was just so supportive and I guess that’s why I continued drawing her. I’m really insecure about my art not being good enough… So her support means a lot to me!!I know that Alyssa and Biblegirl both love my art as well and I couldn’t be happier to have all my favorite queens their support.

I don’t really think about drawing a certain look, it just happens. For example: whenever a queen posts a picture my brain goes like; “GO START DRAWING THIS” (laughing)DA: How long does it take you from the first idea to the finished drawing?

B: I get distracted so easily so I never draw for a long period of time! I can finish a piece within a day and still do other stuff as well.

When I do digital art I usually take about 4-6 hours, so I think traditional art takes up about the same time for me.

DA: Do you have a favorite piece out of all the art you’ve created?

B: It’s so hard to decide which of my artworks I like best since I can see all the flaws in every single drawing. But I think I like these traditional drawings of Alyssa and Detox the best. And my Bible and Jinkx illustrations as my digital art favorites.

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DA: How is the local drag scene where you live? Can you recommend some of your favourite local queens or venues to us?

B: I think Amsterdam is the closest and more well known drag scene here in the Netherlands. I live in the middle of nowhere basically, so in my town there isn’t any drag.

But I adore the queens from the ‘Mermaids Mansion’ which consist of Abby OMG, Ivy-Elyse Monroe, Envy Peru and Chloé Andersen. Besides them I love Azula Vineyard, Rœm Service, Salem Reed and Lady Galore.

DA: Has there ever been a ‘starstruck moment’ when a queen reacted to your art?

B: Whenever a queen likes my art I get so happy. But Detox, Jinkx and Miss Fame reposting my art meant a lot to me.Bible’s reactions are just priceless and I can’t thank her enough for being so supportive.

And whenever I give my art to the queens in person they seem truly happy with it, which makes me happy too!

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DA: What are your future art-related goals? Would you ever see yourself taking commissions or maybe designing merch?

B: Well yes, my future goal is indeed designing merch for queens. I think it would be so cool to have people wearing my art.

So hopefully I will get opportunities to design as soon as possible! My commissions are always open, so everyone can message or mail me at all times!!

Be sure to follow Beau on the following social medias:

Instagram: @p.eachly

Twitter: @peachlyx

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