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In honor of our favorite grunge princess Adore Delano touring the UK with a full live band, we grabbed a chat with Jade, a very talented UK artist, and avid Adore Delano fan. We talk inspirations, special moments and of course, the Whatever Tour!

DA: How would you describe your art style? What’s your process when creating art?

Jade: I don’t think I can pinpoint a specific style as I tend to try out different things a lot to grow as an artist! My process usually starts when I see a particular photograph or look that I’m inspired by to make art and from there I start to draw, but most of the time I don’t always have a clear end goal in mind, I just go with it and see how it turns out.

DA: Favourite Queen(s) to draw and why?

Jade: My absolute favourite queen to draw is Adore (Delano), she’s beautiful and has a great energy which I’m constantly inspired by to make art of her! I’ve drawn quite a few other queens such as Sharon Needles, Kim Chi, Miz Cracker and Aja and a few non Ru girls such as Biblegirl and Charity Kase who I’m also a fan of.


DA: Where and how do you find your inspiration for drawing a queen?

Jade: A lot of the time from photos that the queen’s post of their looks –  it’s the colours and glitter that I’m drawn to most. Sometimes I like to mash together characters, I did one drawing where I made Adore into ‘Eleven’ from Stranger Things and that was a lot of fun to do but with Adore being my favourite queen you tend to pick up on things your fave likes and I have fun playing off of that and coming up with new things!

DA: Has there been a starstruck moment when queens reacted to your art on social media?

Jade: The very first time Adore saw my first piece of art for her was crazy as I didn’t think it would ever happen but I made this one particular drawing and she ended up making it her phone screensaver which I thought was really sweet! I’m super grateful to anyone who takes the time to like or comment on my work.


DA: How is the Drag scene where you live? Do you have any local queens you follow?

Jade: I do! I had the pleasure of seeing some local queens open the show for Adore’s Birthday tour last September, particular favourites of mine were Violet Grace and Frans Gender who were both fab performers!

DA: How has drag impacted your life? If you’ve been to any shows: favourite show you’ve been to and why?

Jade: Drag has made a huge impact on my life as it made me draw for fun again, I was beginning to get bored of my work and was lacking inspiration but then I discovered these beautiful colourful humans and it was nice to start feeling excited about my work again!

DA: What are your plans/goals for the future? What would be your dreams to achieve with your art?

Jade: I’m currently studying Illustration at Uni so I’m hoping to get my degree in the future, but beyond that, I’m not sure so we’ll see…


DA: How did you find Adore Delano? Have you met her before? Why are you an Adore Delano fan?

Jade: I first found Adore through watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and loved her straight away! Then, I met Adore last year at her Birthday Tour in the UK, I met her at the Glasgow date and she truly was the loveliest human I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.


DA: Are you going to the Whatever tour and what are you most excited about regarding the tour?Jade: I’m going to the Glasgow, Brighton and London dates of the  Whatever tour and I’m so excited to hear the album with a live band and to give her more art!

We would like to thank Jade for agreeing to this feature and will see her on the tour!

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