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This FeaturedArtistsFriday we want to showcase the work of Natalia. Her Instagram page is a colorful, wonderfully executed homage to the Art of Drag. We talked to her about her inspirations, her art style, and the first time she met her favorite queen to draw, which is Adore Delano. Described by Natalia as her ‘main muse’, “She is the main queen that got me inspired to start drawing so much fan art as I saw how much she appreciated art from her fans online. It also doesn’t hurt that she is so aesthetically pleasing to look at and draw.” We chatted to the very talented Natalia about her goals, favorite pieces, and of course being praised by the queen herself.

Dragadventures: How would you describe your art style and how did you find it?

Natalia: I personally have trouble describing my type of art as a specific style, because I just envision something and draw it that way! Whether it’s realistic, cartoonish, abstract, or anything like that all varies depending on my vision or mood.

DA: What made you start drawing drag queens? How did you find Drag?

N: I have always had a passion for art but what made me start drawing drag queens, in particular, was the intense passion I felt towards them after watching ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ which my best friend introduced to me after a friend of hers got her into the show as well. Getting to learn and watch what ‘Drag’ was really made relate to it and upon seeing other fan art made for them I decided maybe It was something I could really get into and so I did!

DA: You draw Adore Delano a lot. Can you tell us a bit about your love for that particular queen?


N: My main ‘obsession’ towards her really began after I got the pleasure of meeting her in person for the first time earlier this year. In line, I saw a bunch of fans with their drawings for her and felt a little sad I didn’t make any art for her then, but I was new to the whole ‘fan girl scene’ and didn’t really know it was something people did.

I’ve met other queens and most were all lovely, but Adore is by far the nicest most loving queen to meet in person. The way Adore made me feel upon meeting her and getting to witness first hand how caring she was towards every fan made me even more inspired to keep drawing her to this day.

I remember a fan before me at the meet and greet was carrying a drink and while taking a photo with Adore she spilled her drink on her. Adore didn’t overreact or give the girl a dirty look she simply laughed it out and told the girl it was fine. She then asked if anyone had a napkin or something to dry herself with. To me, that really showed the kind of person she is! As a whole I feel honored to idolize someone as talented,kind, beautiful, and genuine as her!

DA: Has there been a star struck moment where a queen has reacted to your art on social media?

N: There have been a few star-struck moments where queens have reacted to my art online, and I cherish each moment in my heart as I’m so completely humbled by any form of appreciation from anyone, let alone the queen I’m drawing! But I would say the one time I was really starstruck was right before ‘Negative Nancy’ was to be released.

I was so inspired by any new music of hers that I soon found myself on an art binge and I remember spending a straight 24 hours on this giant drawing of Adore in my room and once I posted about it she liked and retweeted commenting ‘Fucking beautiful’

And that was the first time she had retweet my art and commented on it so I was over the moon happy about it! I couldn’t believe all the positive reactions and nice comments from people that came from that as well so I’ll never forget that specific moment and day!

DA: You’re from Brazil but live in the US. Could you tell us about how Drag is received in those countries? Do you see any differences? Do you have a fave Brazilian queen?

N: Yes, I am from Brazil but live in the U.S and I do perceive very distinct differences in how drag is perceived here as opposed to in Brazil. In the U.S Drag has just recently become more mainstream, but it is still a very small community when looked at as a whole.

Queens here seem to have to work twice as hard to be perceived as a serious entertainer and public figure as opposed to queens in Brazil. For example, if a queen makes an album you won’t hear it on the radio, regardless of how great the album is because they are a ‘Drag Queen.’ Drag queens in the U.S aren’t over here often as they are overlooked as a joke!

In Brazil, the Drag culture is very mainstream and a big part of the country’s culture, although sadly there is still a lot of hate-crimes and discrimination towards any gay, transgender, and drag persona.

But even with discrimination drag queens there are very much idolized and are treated as any other artist and entertainer, such as Pabllo Vittar who is my favorite Brazilian drag queen and whose music tops the charts in Brazil and can be heard on radio all the time as opposed to here on the US where you would never hear a song from queens such as Adore being played.

DA: What would you love to happen due to the result of your artwork?

N: What would I  love to happen as a result of my art … that’s a tough question as I never really thought about it. I guess all I can say is that if anything, I hope it helps inspire other people and that I continue to receive such love and appreciation towards what I do create.

I love that someone like me who has always just drawn for fun and who never thought much of my art or skills can express my passion. Due to that I have met so many other inspiring and talented individuals and am now a part of this loving community! I guess you can say I’ve already gotten way more than I ever expected from my art already and whatever the future brings with it will just be as humbling and welcomed to me.

We here on DragAdventures loved talking to Natalia and can’t wait to see where her art will take her.

If you want to see more of Natalia’s artwork, visit her Instagram and Twitter pages.



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