Top 10 Drag Queen Xmas Songs

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It’s that time of year again, it’s freezing cold, the pressure is on to buy Xmas gifts. So what to do when dealing with all this? Try a bout of seasonal cheer whilst wrapping gifts… Here’s a list of what we think you should be listening to!

1. All I Want for Christmas Is Nudes – Trixie Mattel

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Image Source: Instagram

A parody of ‘All I want for christmas’ by of course Mariah Carey. This however is so much more catchy, hilarious in true Trixie humour and style. All instruments were played by Trixie herself proving once again her talents are endless.

2. Fireside – Phi Phi O’Hara

Phi Phi is an overlooked queen vocally, not only is this song sung absolutely stunningly. But you feel you want to jet set to the sun and have a summer/winter fling. Listening to this you transport to another place and get lost in phi ’s vocals, it’s also not your typical Xmas number, instead feeling warm and wanting to dance.

3. Chr!$Tm@$ $Ux – Alaska Thunderfuck

A typical Alaska number- full of comedy, passion and incredibly catchy. As we grow older Christmas can sometimes feel pressure to buy presents and be in the Christmas spirit. This captures it perfectly ‘I wanted a girl talk but they got me a Jenga. In particular the humour of grandparents during the holiday period ‘What the heck, grandma just gave me a $5 check.. uhhh.’ Concluding with a positive message of being around loved ones and to count our blessings… Christmas actually rocks.

4. 12 days of Christmas – Katya

Umm it’s Katya.. singing about ravioli. Need we say more? Comedy from our favourite Russian at its finest.

5. Ho Ho Ho – Willam

We loved seeing Willam do Mariah Lynn’s original version of this song (Once upon a time) at Heels of Hell, but this time, she puts the “Ho” in “Hoe-mas”. If you want to see our favorite life-sized doll dance in a red lacey bodycon ensemble while singing about the not so holy side of the holiday season, you should definitely check out this video.

6. Snow Machine – Sharon Needles

Sharon Needles doing a Christmas song? Why, yes! If you like electronic dance music with a catchy chorus (and also happen to like snow machines), this song will be your jam during the holiday season.

Note: If you’re more attracted to Sharon’s “oh my Satan” side, check out her song on the newest Christmas Queens album, where she tells the story of a family Christmas with a not-so-happy ending. Yes, we’re talking about The murder of the Lawson family.

7. Auld Lang Syne – Jinkx Monsoon

The queen with a powerful set of pipes, she does this popular song justice. Reinventing it to true Jinkx style, theatrical, stylish and power driven.

8. Working Holiday – Manila & Alaska

Yes, christmas is fun. But christmas shopping? Not so much. Imagine being part of the army of Santa’s elves making and delivering all the gifts to the children around the world (or you could also try working in retail during the christmas period). Join Manila and Alaska for a hilariously funny duet about the most stressful time of the year if you work in the christmas business (or if you’re a drag queen).

9. Elfy Winters Night – Ivy Winters

Number 9 is Ivy Winters, singing about Santa’s elves’ activities during a Winter’s night to a very bubbly rhythm that never fails to put a smile on your face (we promise!). Don’t come for us if you’ve got the song stuck in your head after listening to it though.

10. Let It Snow – Christmas Queens

The video alone is enough to be on the top 10, the cameos from the queen’s loved ones are priceless…Chad and Sharon anyone? The song itself is so catchy and the ultimate way to get into the festive spirit.

If you want to buy those songs to get yourself into the Xmas mood, head on over to Itunes.

Christmas Queens 1 – 3:

Willam – Ho Ho Ho:

Trixie Mattel – Homemade Christmas:
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