FeaturedArtistsFriday: Tayler_Designs

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It’s fair to say drag queens have some of the most talented fans, they support them by going to shows, meet and greets or buying merchandise. Dragadventures are in awe of the talented fans that can create some unbelievable portraits of drag queen inspired art. We want to highlight those talented people, today we showcase Tayler. Her drawings have garnered a lot of attention not just by fellow fans but from one very popular queen indeed: The wonderful Bianca Del Rio.

The queen bee follows Tayler’s account and has even reposted Tayler’s work giving it the A* of approval. Does Tayler believe they have a friendship? “Haha, I’m not sure if Bianca would see it like that but for me, I’ve just been incredibly lucky that she has taken the time to appreciate me and my artwork, she means an awful lot to me! I hope she loves them, she’s reposted two of my drawings and followed this account!”

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Like most people, drag has given them so much creative freedom and has brought out the inner artist and for Tayler, this is very true. “Drag is an incredibly artistic form of expression which makes it a perfect muse for drawing.”

Her account is brimmed with stunning artwork not just of Bianca Del Rio, but Trixie Mattel, Adore Delano, and many others. It’s hard to believe she’s only been doing this for a short while “I’ve only been drawing for a few months, I’ve always had artistic ideas but never been able to execute them. A friend (@kweenofart) helped me to do this.”

Her designs are so good that more queens are believing in the quality of her designs, which is of course well deserved. “Thank you! It feels amazing to see people wearing my designs and so amazing that they were sold at dragcon NYC. I’m very grateful to Ginger for this opportunity.”

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Of course, let’s hope more of her designs get commissioned and many of us can be able to sport her merch in the near future. “I suppose the ultimate goal would be to be involved in creating more merch for queens. For now, I’m very happy with where everything is going.”

Let’s hope we get to see more success for this incredible artist if you want to see more of her fantastic work get onto Instagram and follow her at @tayler_designs

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