Marvellous Marzy: (FeaturedArtistsFriday)

The first Featured Artists Friday of 2018 is the wonderful Marzy if you’re familiar with her work or feel you’ve seen it somewhere before you’d be correct. Marzy was commissioned to design season nine queen Aja’s latest popular pin ‘Ayo Sis.’ We grabbed Marzy for a chat about how this came about, her drag inspirations, and the Mexican drag race competitions.

Dragadventures: How did it feel knowing Aja wanted you to commission merchandise?

Marzy: I couldn’t believe it when I got the DM for the commission, it felt unreal and like a literal dream come true. It was a pleasure getting to design a pin for one of my favorite queens and I’ll forever be grateful to her for that amazing opportunity.


DA: What influences your type of art? *They remind us of anime/funkos pops*

M: My art style is inspired by anime/cartoons. I’ve always loved drawing colorful pieces and making them look as cute as possible. Though I would love to experiment more and try out various styles such as semi-realism in the near future!

DA: What queen do you love to draw the most?

M: There’s honestly no queen I love drawing more than another. This is because they all have such unique styles of drag that I enjoy experimenting with and recreating in a drawing.

DA: What would you love to happen due to the result of your artwork?


M: I’d be completely overjoyed if I got the chance to work alongside more queens with merchandise designs. Aja definitely helped me with a head start, but it is something I definitely would like to do as a part-time job, like many other merchandise artists.

DA: How is drag received in Mexico? Is it popular among others or is it a small minority of fans?

M: Drag, as in many places, it is favored mainly within the RPDR fans and the community. Though, I’d say that it has gained a whole lot of popularity in these past years. There’s even a Drag Race held in Mexico City, in which the contestants compete in front of a live audience in a club! (Ig user: LaCarreraDragDeLaCDMX)
DA: How has drag impacted your life?


M: Drag has changed my life in unimaginable ways. It has helped me get out of the darkest pit I’ve ever been in by allowing me to be part of a community where I feel loved and accepted, as well as inspiring me every day to create art.

DA: Does Mexico have any local drag queens you support/recommend?


M: wouldn’t be able to finish naming all the ones I love. Three of my favorite local queens that I have seen perform live are Becky D’Vich (Ig user: bdvich), Sophia Jimenez (FB page: Sophia Jimenez – Poison Queen), and Aurora Wonders (Ig user: aurorawonders). Though, there are several others I follow, such as Yolanda (Ig user: yolandeando_) and La Carrera Drag contesters: Cherry Darling (Ig user: cherrydarlingxoxox)Pixie Pixie, Sugar Stons, and Kobra.

For this last one I couldn’t find the ig/fb of all of them, but since they’re contestants of the previously mentioned competition, they can see updates on the competition’s own ig.

Be sure to check out the aforementioned queens and of course Marzy’s insta account _marzypan

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