A watercolour wonderland: Coliflours (FeaturedArtistsFriday)

All of our lovely readers know that we love drag. A lot. It has impacted a lot of lives in such a wonderful, positive way and it gives you the confidence and strength to march to the beat of your own drum. Not surprisingly, this is also the case for this amazingly talented artist. Coliflours art reminds us of the old watercolour classics and constantly amazes the Twitter community, even Trixie Mattel herself gave her seal of approval when she reacted to one of the pieces. We talk art inspirations, starstruck moments and future goals.

DragAdventures: How would you describe your art style? What kind of medium do you prefer to work with and what’s the most fun part when doing a new piece?

Coliflours: I’d describe my art style as a cartoonish, pop artish style. I prefer doing watercolours, I love watercolours! the most fun part when doing a piece is thinking and brainstorming new concepts, themes and just the entire process of brainstorming!


DA: Where and how do you find your inspirations to draw a certain queen and do you have some favorite artwork you’ve ever done?

Coliflours: I find my inspiration on the outfits they wear and sometimes the music I’m listening to at that moment! Some favourite artworks I’ve done is definitely the Miz Cracker and crumbs one, and probably my latest one where I drew Trixie Mattel with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme!

DA: Favorite Queen(s) to draw and why?

Coliflours: Trixie! Her face has so much going on its so fun to draw, the patterns on her outfits too are beautiful and so detailed.

DA: Has there been a starstruck moment when Queens reacted to your art on social media?

Coliflours: When Trixie (Mattel) retweeted one of my artworks, it was a really joyous moment for me, I was in utter shock when all my friends practically spammed me screaming that she’d retweeted me.


DA: How is the drag scene where you live? Do you have any local Queens you follow and would like to recommend to us?

Coliflours: I’m from a country where LGBT is still kind of questionable amongst people, but the drag queens in my area are so talented, one teaches dancing and there’s two that are professional singers and has a band! They are so amazing. One of my favourite local queens are Miss Mid Levels, she’s so great and oh my god XXXotica is so cute and she can turn the house DOWN.


DA: (How) has drag impacted your art and creativity? Would you say discovering drag has changed your life?

Coliflours: Drag has really helped me step out of my comfort zone for art. I used to draw really simplistic things, but since discovering drag I’ve been attempting to draw in more detail. Drag has changed so much in my life before I knew about drag I would always be scared to wear clothes that were feminine because all my life I was labeled as a boyish person, but drag has taught me to just be myself and not be completely controlled by the judgments made by people.

DA: What are your plans/goals for the future? What would be you dream to achieve with your art?

Coliflours: I’ve been interested and doing art all my life so it would not be a surprise that I would like to continue with art. I’d like to be able to share my art with more people and inspire more people to do art!

Follow Coliflours on Twitter and Instagram – both via @coliflours.

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