Welsh Wonder, Jolene Dover

We promised to expand our UK map of fantastic queens, we asked and you the readers wanted Welsh Queens showcased. Today, we’ve done just that and starting with a sassy and wonderfully sarcastic queen, we introduce to you Miss Jolene Dover we talk the Welsh Drag scene, her thoughts on Rupauls Drag Race UK and where to catch her next.

Dragadventures: How did you get into drag? 

Jolene Dover: Just over 10 years ago I found myself in limbo, I was out of college where I’d just finished drama and music courses, just moved out of my family home and working a job in a shop, I was finding my independence and weighing up the pros and cons of applying for drama school in London. I decided to take a “gap year” and in that time discovered drag when I went out to the gay bars and thought I could give it a go. 10 years later I’m still on my gap year. 

DA:How would you describe your drag character in three words? 

Jolene Dover: I don’t really think of my drag as a character it’s just an extension of me, a bigger side to personality but is probably use the words – sarcastic, sassy and unapologetic 

DA: For you what is the best part about doing drag? What does drag mean to you?

Jolene Dover: Drag has become a job so it’s my only income but it’s also my creative output and I find it very liberating that I can do pretty much anything I like on stage. I’ve become my own director and producer. Also people buy you lots of drinks. That’s always a nice perk!

DA: How long have you been doing drag for, for you what has been the stand out moment/achievement to date?

Jolene Dover: 10 years. Having my own 6 part series on made in Cardiff was a highlight. Interviewing some welsh based “celebs”. It was a stressful experience but also a great learning curve, I can’t watch it back now because it was before I discovered how to contour my chins out but it’s something that I can tick off the list. In terms of shows, the shows I’m most proud of are the ones where you turn up and think my god these people are not here for drag, this is going to be a disaster. And then manage to turn it all around and have a great show. 

DA: If you were on a deserted island and could take only one Welsh drag queen for company, who would it be and why?

Jolene Dover: Pixie Perez! She’s hysterical, old school. Gives no f***s at all. A real refreshing act in our current climate of everything being offensive. Also we’ve been on holiday together so I know I could live with her on a desert island.#

DA: What would you love our readers to know more about the Welsh drag scene, how does it compare to others and who should they keep an eye out for?

Jolene Dover: We have loads of new queens starting out now, entering various completions in the bars around Cardiff and it’s really great there’s certainly a shift in the drag scene especially since drag race has become so popular but Cardiff has a really great old school scene too! Queens who are still working after all these years, they sing live, they’re hilarious, they know how to work the crowd. So I think I’d point your readers in the direction of Pixie Perez, Marcia, Amber Dextrous and the barely living legend Miss Kitty (my hero) don’t expect any death drops though. 

DA: With Rupaul’s Drag Race making it’s way to the UK what are your thoughts on the show as a whole for the UK drag scene, do you think it will effect it for the better?

Jolene Dover: I think it’s great, I know it’s caused a bit of controversy on social media as people assume it’s not going to represent all that the UK has to offer but it’s a reality show. They’re making TV. I’d like to think they pick the best people to make that TV show. And more drag on UK screens can only be a good thing?

DA: What judges would you love to have on the show to make it essentially the best of British?

Jolene Dover: Julia Davies (creator of nighty night) I think her style of writing and dark humour is so unbelievably British, I’m not sure how RuPaul would take it though. Paul ‘O Grady Drag queens= UK. You can’t not really. Luisa Omeilan– She’s my favourite comedian no other reasons needed 

DA:If you were to have one song always play when you entered a room what would it be?
Luther Vandross – never too much 

DA: Best bit of advice to those who want to live their dream and get into drag?

Jolene Dover: No one cares what you look like, concentrate your time on what you do on stage people will remember that more than your cut crease. But also to an extent don’t take advice of people, there’s enough people in this industry who have an idea of what drag is and what people should be doing when they’re no rules. If this is the business for you, you’ll work it. Just show up on time though. And be nice to the people who’re paying you. 

DA: Where can readers find you next, are there any future projects you can give us a sneak peak into?

Jolene Dover: Catch me every Wednesday DJing at Kings and Thursday hosting karaoke. You can see my full show at Minskys showbar on Saturday 26th January. 
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Jolene Dover Social Media:

Instagram: @/jolenedover

Twitter: @/jolenedover

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