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In the last few months I’ve found my voice more with local girls and now I kind of have an adopted drag family so to speak. When I see these queens perform I try to capture each performance on video and share them on my social media channels so others can see how beautiful and how fierce they are. So I’ve begun making artwork for my local queens, and thanks to the wonderful ladies of Drag Adventures I’m beginning a series of interviews with “local” Drag Queens and Kings in the U.S.


The first interview in this series is with Drag Queen Jenni Del Rio. No, her last name is not related to Bianca, but is a childhood nickname, while her first name is a tribute to the Late Mexican Banda Queen, Jenni Rivera. What stood out to me first with Jenni was her gorgeous face…then the tempo in the music picked up and she broke out the fierce dance moves! I have to admit I was kind of surprised to learn that she’s only been doing drag since July of 2015 because she’s got a lot of talent! If you want to learn more about the fabulous Jenni Del Rio check out the interview below:


Dragadventures: How did your drag career begin, and what are your drag inspirations?

Jenni Del Rio: Drag started out as a somewhat dare between me and my friends, but I always had a curiosity for makeup and performing, I was always involved in local high school theater, but I never was the center of attention. My drag inspiration comes from other queen’s stuff I like & stuff I don’t like.

DA: What was it like for you breaking into the drag scene?

JDR: Back then there was an event for the 18+ called circus, and they would always allow new girls to come and perform so it was fairly easy to get booked, but when I turned 21, my drag mother Venus De Carlo really opened doors for me inviting me to special guest perform in her drag Show. We co-host every Sunday night at Club Legends.

DA: When out of drag what are your preferred pronouns?

JDR: Out of drag he, and him are fine. I’m a dude.


DA: What style of music do you prefer for your number?

JDR: I love musical numbers, dirty hip-hop, sexy songs, just songs that make people blush.

DA: How would you define your drag style?

JDR: Idk. I can be funny or sexy, or scary or a bitch it’s just what the song is I guess.

DA: Have you ever been booked alongside a queen where you had or almost had a “fan-girl” moment? If so how did you handle it?

JDR: With Alaska Thunderfuck I wanted to fangirl so bad! But I always wanna be professional and show the promoter of the event I [can remain professional] as well.


DA: Is your drag persona different from your non-drag self?

JDR: Jenni is little different than Andrew. As a boy, I’m quieter and just keep to myself. As Jenni, I’m more open to talking to strangers and making new friends and letting loose.

DA: Fully tuck or pantyhose and prayer?

JDR: I don’t fully tuck lol I just wear tight underwear and call it a day lol.

DA: Do you choreograph or play it by ear?

JDR: I call it by ear with my performances, sometimes I’ll do things at certain parts of the song but never fully choreographed.

DA: What’s your biggest pet peeve with audience members?

JDR: When they want to come up and dance with me…Just no…please don’t!

DA: Favorite dance move?

JDR: Shaking my boobs (laughing)

DA: If you were on RuPaul’s Drag Race what type of challenge would put you in the top and what would land you in the bottom?

JDR: I would do good on the acting challenge and I would be in the bottom at the sewing stuff.

DA: Do you have any drag children?

JDR: I do not have children, I like being the baby of my drag family (laughing)

DA: How about a drag mother?

JDR: Venus De Carlo is my Drag Mother and I love her so much, she has taught me so much from makeup to being professional on stage, one thing that sticks out is she always told me to always have an extra costume and number waiting just in case. And tbh it’s saved me many a time!

DA: What is the hardest part of doing drag for you?

JDR: The hardest part is getting over your self-hate and just doing it for fun.

DA: What’s your favorite part?

JDR: My favorite part is performing! I love performing, give me a box and play a song and I’ll perform on it!

DA: Do you have any special memories from your drag career that you’d like to share?

JDR: One of my favorite memories was my 22nd Bday show. I had all my friends and family members in the crowd and hearing the cheers and applause made me feel so good! I was on a high the whole night!

Check out Jenni Del Rio on her social media channels below:

Facebook: Jenni Del Rio

Insta: jenni_del_rio

Snapchat: drewdrew1212

In Person –
I’m a Queen from Fresno, California. You can catch me at Club Legends and FAB also sometimes in Modesto and Visalia, I’m a Freelance Traveling Queen!

So there we are our first US local queen in the new segment on the site. Celebrate your local queens! Written by contributor Rebecca Cave

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