Vanessa ‘Vanjie’ Mateo – The Miss Vanjie Takeover

Season 10 is in full swing, and whilst there is plenty of drama and loud personalities to go with the talent, the first episode lost an enormous talent in the form of Vanessa Mateo. Sashaying away at the end of episode one after making a fabulous contour barbie outfit, Ru let her go way too soon, however, her legacy lives on and thanks to her super iconic exit is a queen of the internet.

Three weeks after sashaying away Vanessa is still being spoken about and fans are praying she is somehow brought back, with Ru constantly tweeting ‘Miss Vanjie’ memes on twitter daily the tiny glimmer of hope is there. Whatever happens, the future is incredibly bright, she is one of the most popular first exited queens to of left along with Laila McQueen. Prepare to be blinded by the talent of Miss Vanessa ‘Vanjie’ Mateo…….

Dragadventures: The start of Season 10 stepped the game up from the get-go. What were your first thoughts when entering the workroom?

Vanessa Mateo: I was excited, I couldn’t wait to meet all of the other hoes!

DA: We loved the look that you created on the runaway for the first episode. To have you leave so early has had fans rally on social media for you to come back, did you expect the outpour of love after just one episode?

VM: Well, I was hopeful that the audience would love me. Everyone I worked with on the show was telling me I would be ok, but I didn’t expect this outpour of love and such a huge following. It’s amazing!

DA: No one wants to go home first, and many fans agree that your outfit was definitely not worthy of bottom two.  Why do you think yours was critiqued more so than some of the other girls? Would you change anything about it?

VM: I have no clue, I loved my look. I don’t look back on ‘what’s ifs’ or ‘if I could!’ I’m looking forward and hopefully I get to show everyone all of my drag looks while touring. So far, I think I’ve been doing a great job considering a lot of huge celebrities have noticed Miss Vanjie on social media!

DA: How did the iconic Alexis Matheo come to be your drag mother? Had your relationship begun way before her appearance on season three of Drag race? Had Alexis armed you with plenty of advice before auditioning and upon competing on the show?

VM: I danced for Alexis for pageants and that’s how our bond started. She took me under her wing and basically sharpened my tools as an entertainer. She knows when someone has star quality in them and she always said I would be on Drag Race!

DA: Drag Race has become such a huge phenomenon over the last ten years, what made you want to appear on the show and was this the first year you auditioned?

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.jpg
Vanessa Mateo. Photo Source: VH1

VM: I love the show, it’s an honor to be a part of such a beautiful legacy of girls. From season one till now in season 10! I always knew I was destined for something, I just didn’t know it would involve wigs. But now I wouldn’t have it any other way!

DA: Who are you rooting for to win now that you’ve left the competition?

VM:  Mayhem Miller, Eureka, Asia, and The Vixen are my top four!

DA: If you could put on your own drag show and perform with a set of performers who would it be and what would the perfect show consist of?

VM: The girls from my season. We would tour the world together and perform all of the lip syncs from the season, (laughs)

DA: What type of performance do you love to create and what’s your favorite song to perform to?

VM: I love bringing the Dirty South to every stage I go to. I love to pretend I’m at a strip club in Miami performing for famous rappers, and them making it rain on me. Kinda like the Showgirls movie but just more urban!

DA: In one sentence, how would you sum up your drag persona? What are three things Vanessa can’t live without?

VM: Vanjie, Vanjie, Vanjie, Vanjie!

DA: The Florida drag scene has produced some big names, like Ginger Minj, Alexis Mateo, and Roxxxy Andrews. Are there any local queens you recommend fans to keep an eye out for?

VM: Amanda D’Rhod, Jasmine International, Shantell D’Marco! They’re all beauties!

DA: Florida queens are also notorious for competing in the pageant scene and doing well. Did you begin your drag career starting in pageants, or is that not your style?

VM: The pageant scene is where I was brought up, and that’s kind of where I started my baby drag training. I do love pageants, but my main focus was Drag Race! I knew I needed to be on the show.

Miss Vanjie, Miss Vanjie……Miss Vanjiee. Photo source: VH1

DA: Your exit has already become iconic, with the new phrase blowing up on Twitter, ‘Miss Vanijie’ this will perhaps be our catchphrase very much like Alaska’s ‘Hieee.’ Can fans expect songs/merch with Vanjie on?

VM: Yes! Everything Miss Vanjie! Go to to stay up-to-date. New things are on the way, and also music!

DA: What can fans expect from you now you’ve left the show… (we are all silently hoping you’ll be brought back). Is there a chance to catch you in the UK anytime soon?

VM: I will be in the U.K., and I’m going everywhere and anywhere they invite me! It’ll be a Vanjie Takeover!

Catch Vanessa on the road, keep up to date with her tour dates on all social media.

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Twitter: Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

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