The UK’S finest catch, Ginger Hunter

The Battleaxe tour is less than a week away, and not only do we get to see the superior Sharon Needles perform her new album for ONE whole hour, we have got some exceptionally talented three UK queens to get the party started. We’re super excited to see all three acts perform, we grabbed a chat with the hilariously witty Ginger Hunter.

Dragadventures: When and how did Ginger Hunter come to life? What inspired your drag name?

Ginger Hunter: “Neon Sparks Officially came to life in Wales every Wednesday at a little pub called The Cross Keys, forced into a life of performing by Drag Diva Divina De Campo, a few (30 or so) indiscretions with ginger boys led to a name change and Ginger Hunter was born!”

DA: Describe your drag persona. What are three things that Ginger can’t live without?

GH: “My Drag persona is loud and clowny! I wouldn’t be able to live without laughter, music and custard creams!”


DA: What’s your favorite kind of performance to do?

GH: “I am primarily a stand-up comedian so my favorite kind of performance is just myself, a microphone and an audience that is up for anything!”

DA: If you could set up your perfect event, what would it be and who would you work with?

GH:  “A perfect event for me would be anything from a comedy festival to a dark little comedy club! A good audience makes the best kind of atmosphere and laughter is the best reward!”

DA: Would you ever participate in a RuPaul’s Drag Race UK? Is there any particular challenge you would love to do?

GH: “I like competition and I have nothing to lose by entering a UK Drag race! Joan Rivers used to say “go through every door” so I say yes to any opportunity that presents itself! Favorite Challenge is any sewing challenge like the Eleganza Extravaganza week! Most terrifying would be Snatch Game…”

DA: While preparing for a gig have you had a “fangirl” moment with any other queens who were booked alongside you?

GH: “I absolutely love the Dublin Queens from Dragged up so I fangirl over them every time we get together! The first time I met Courtney Act I was in awe! Everyone has always been so nice to chat to and spend time with! I’m a fan of everyone! (Boring P.C answer – book me!!)”

DA: You’re supporting Sharon Needles on her Battle Axe Tour with Holy Trannity. Can you give us a sneak peek of what we can expect?

GH: “The Battleaxe Tour with Sharon Needles is the first time I really get to put myself on a stage and say “this is who I am”. I am pulling every trick out of the bag!”
DA: We love getting to know local drag queens. Can you recommend some of your sisters we definitely need to watch out for?

GH: “My ride or die sister Miss Verry Cherry is one of my favourite people on the planet! We work together a few times a week and there is so much laughter! Anything I come up with always starts with an off-hand remark.”

DA: What inspired you to create ‘The Great British Bake (snake) off’ parody, are you a big fan of the show, how do you think you’d do if you were to appear on the show?

GH: “The bake-off parody literally came from listening to Anaconda by Nicki Minaj and when it said “My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun” I could just see someone holding a tray of cakes.

I had the idea in the back of my mind for at least a year until I finally talked myself into it! I didn’t actually watch the show until I was looking for soundbites to use on the track! Then I became OBSESSED! Much as I love eating cakes, baking them is definitely not a talent of mine so I would be out in the first week for sure!”


DA: What does the future hold for Ginger Hunter and where can fans find you next?

GH: “I am excited to see where life will take me next! I would love to travel around more and doing the Edinburgh Fringe or a theatre show would be a dream! Watch this space!”

Catch Ginger Hunter on Holy Trannity’s Sharon Needles Battleaxe tour with the talented support from UK drag queens; Victoria Secret and Danny Beard.

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