The Divine diva: Deja Skye

Deja Skye – a Central California queen who performs in multiple cities including Bakersfield, Modesto, San Jose, and Sacramento. If you know anything about California geography or traffic, you’ll understand that this queen puts in some miles and time to bring her art to drag fans in this state! Deja began her drag career on July 6th, 2011 when she was 20 years old. She is a queen who says she’s the same in and out of drag, has no preference in terms of pronouns, but when it comes to her costumes she definitely leans toward bright colors in her costumes because “colors evoke emotion and I like to feel something.” There’s more to that statement, so read on to learn more about how drag makes her feel, and more about Deja and her drag career.

Dragadventures: What is your drag name and what is its origin?

Deja Skye: I wanted something short, sweet and everyone would remember so Deja Skye was born.

DA: What was it that got you to start doing drag?

DS: I saw season 1-2 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ initially. It intrigued me, then seeing the local queens I thought ‘if they could do it I could do it!’

DA: What was your experience breaking into the drag scene and finding opportunities to get bookings?

DS: Breaking into the scene was relatively easy, actually. I knew the right people I guess, plus I had the fire to perform. I may have been a sweaty mess but I got booked pretty quickly.

DA: If you are a hostess how did that come about?

DS: I got the opportunity to host one night it didn’t go according to plan but then next time it came so naturally. I have a quick wit and can crack jokes, so it came pretty easily to me. Hosting is a great way to show your personality on stage and everyone loves to laugh it makes any stress away.

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DA: What is your preferred style of music for your numbers?

DS: Top 40 is usually a go-to but honestly there are tons of genres I love. I can go from a dramatic ballad to a musical theatre number to a rock number just depends on my mood or the theme of the night.

DA: How would you describe your drag style?

DS: Considering my personality is extreme I go to the extremes when it comes to styling as far as colors go. Muted doesn’t work for me I tend to lean toward pastels or neons mostly. Colors evoke emotion and I like to feel something with wardrobe. Usually uncomfortable BUT nonetheless I’m feeling something.

DA: Have you ever had a “fangirl” moment?

DS: I’ve had approximately 2 fan girl moments in my career. They were Bianca Del Rio and Raja. They’re my all-time faves. Now keep in mind I was younger and since then I’ve come to terms with the fact we’re all in this industry and are queens at the end of the day.

DA: Do you fully tuck or use pantyhose and a prayer?

DS: Tucking panties, and 6 pairs of tights is how I snatch the kitty back

DA: Do you choreograph your routines or play it by ear?

DS: I actually am a professional choreographer for cheer and dance. So you would think that I would come up with some choreography for myself but honestly, unless I have to learn an exact choreography if I’m impersonating the artist, I just wing it. I hate having to think in drag I’d rather have it happen organically. I know listening to music what parts are ‘performing’ parts and ‘tipping’ parts. If the music is a little slower I know it’s a perfect opportunity to reach for that dollar but if I gotta turn it I will.

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DA: If you were on RuPaul’s Drag Race what kind of challenge do you think you’d win? What kind of challenge would likely land you in the bottom?

DS: If I was on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ I would excel at any sewing challenge or dance challenge. And I would more than likely struggle in snatch game. Impersonation is not my gig.

DA: Do you watch Dragula?

DS: I’m not a monster so I wouldn’t make it on Dragula I love the show and thinks it’s groundbreaking but I wouldn’t fit in there.

DA: Do you have any drag children and if so, what are some of the main tips you’ve provided to them as they’re starting out?

DS: I have 2 drag daughters and the only advice I gave them is be able to do drag by yourself and not rely on anyone. I’ve only done they’re makeup a hand full of times and had them learn after that.

DA: What’s the hardest part of doing drag for you?

DS: Hardest part of drag is heels and the drama and cattiness that ensues.

DA: What is your favorite part of doing drag?

DS: My favorite part of doing drag is the adrenaline rush you get from people screaming or clapping for you when you’re on stage. No better feeling.

DA: Biggest pet peeve with audience members?

DS: When they put money in their mouth and expect me to get it with my mouth… EWWWWWWW.

DA: Do you have any stories of difficulties with getting into drag for a gig?

DS: Yes I once had to get ready with only cell phone light considering the power went out. But I’ve gotten ready in cars on the way to gig even in an uber!

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