Life’s a disco with Lucy Paradisco


This queen hails from the fabulous Seattle and not only loves to transform her emotions into fierce looks but also teaches us how to be real and not letting ourselves be pressured into being someone you don’t want to be! We grabbed Lucy Paradisco for a chat about her start in drag and the impact of Rupaul’s Drag Race on the local scene.

DragAdventures: How did the name ‘Lucy Pardisco’ come to life? What drew you to a life of drag?

Lucy Paradisco: So my drag name comes from when I was in high school when I used to cross-dress for my drama class I would call my self Lucy because Lucy was the closest to Luke I could get. But I’ve always loved makeup and being a creative artist and everything that involves feminizing the male body.

DA: What got you started in the drag scene, how did you begin performing in clubs?
LP: Every year for Halloween and even at my high school I would always dress as a girl, when I started working at a gay bar they would let me perform and I started to grow my name.


DA: You serve some seriously creative looks, we love the creativity behind them, how do you go about thinking up a look?

LP: My looks come from the top of my head, I just get crazy inspired by my emotions and let the paint fly.

DA: For people who are just getting started into the world of makeup and wanting to create looks, what would your advice be?

LP: Be yourself, don’t try and be something your not, try and do something that reflects what you love and like. It’s going to be a bit messy At first but fuck the haters.

DA: If you could perform with any queen who would it be and why? What would the perfect performance consist of?

LP: I love all queens, new queens, old queens, trash girls whatever makes the crowd go wild, the perfect performance would have lots of crazy dance moves and acrobats.

DA: There’s no doubt that drag race got a lot of people introduced to the world of drag (us included) it’s opened our eyes to a world of creativity and talent. Do you think that a lot of good has come out of it, or do local girls feel overshadowed by the power of drag race/rugirls?

LP: All drag race girls come from local talent and I think we forget that we are all equal and we should be given the opportunity to showcase our talents, we might be overshadowed but they deserve the praise. They had to work hard to get where they are at!

DA: Yet with the explosion of drag race, we now have the increasing popularity of the incredible Dragula. If you had to choose which competition speaks to you more?

LP: I would say if I wanted to audition It would be for whatever spoke to me at the time, for now, I’m going to continue working on my craft and growing my own brand.

DA: What’s the local drag scene like where you’re from and who should we keep an eye for?

LP: Look out for me because I’m going to shake the foundation of the drag world!

DA: What does the future hold for Lucy Paradisco, what would you love to happen?


LP: Hopefully, my brand grows and I can take over the world with creativity.

DA: And for US fans where can they catch you next?

LP: You can find me at Queer/Bar in Seattle every Friday and Saturday for MX. And Thursdays For Twerk. Also at other locations around the world! 

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