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Alaina Milian Moore is a local queen out of Modesto, California. She is gorgeous, dances like a seductress, and can sing too! The first time I saw her was at my very first show with Adore Delano and she definitely stood out as a fierce performer. The next time I saw her she performed alongside Alyssa Edwards and impressed the Season 5 and All-Stars 2 alum so much that Alyssa brought her on stage to relive the Shut Up and Drive lip sync against Tatianna. Afterward Alyssa kind of read some of the Season 9 queens and told Alaina that she’s the type of girl she wants to see on Drag Race. Read on to find out a bit more about this incredibly talented queen.

DA: What got you started into doing drag?

AM: Coming to Climax. Seeing the queens here was giving it to me as a show choir person, so I’m like, ‘Okay, I want to sing and dance,’ So that’s what brought me to lip-syncing and dancing in drag.”

DA: Who were your drag inspirations?

AM: My drag inspirations were Jaymelah Moore and Victoria Moore. Because one Victoria, she was beautiful as a drag queen. And Jaymelah, she’s an amazing dancer. So putting those together (for me) allowed me to show my beauty and talent.


DA: What was it like for you breaking into the drag scene?

AM: Ooh, at first I was nervous, but when I got on stage I was like, I’m here to perform, I’m here to put on a show, and I want people to know who I am and love me. I want people to love me as a performer, as a body queen, as a look queen.

DA: Have you ever tried hosting shows?

AM: Oh, I only tried that once. And, I’m not funny. Like you’re only funny because you’re a drag queen, and they will laugh at anything you say. But what I learned was to be yourself and people will love you for that.

DA: What is your preferred style for your numbers?

AM: I’m more of a dancing queen but I like to change it up to different genres sometimes.

DA: How would you describe your drag style?

SM: I don’t know if it’s appropriate but hoe-ish, slutty, but still classy. I like to accentuate my body.

DA: Have you ever had a fangirl moment with someone you’ve performed with?

AM: To be honest I try to just see them as regular people. Because when someone famous performs at our show they get overwhelmed if people fangirl. So I try to think it’s just another performer just like me. I try to see it from their point of view.

DA: It’s gotta be hard though.

AM: Just a little bit. When Adore Delano comes it’s hard. I love Adore! She said we looked like sisters (laughs).


DA: Are you the same person in and out of drag?

AM: You know, my friends, my best friends, they tell me you’re not a different person as Alaina. When you’re Drew you’re the same person. I think that’s a good thing. I want to be Alaina, I want to be Drew, I just want to be me. I don’t want to put on a persona. You don’t need to put on a persona.

DA: How long did it take you to perfect the jumping splits?

AM: To be honest I’m not flexible. I don’t do gymnastics.

DA: Really?!

AM: Yes really!  So here’s the thing. After you get out of a hot shower or bath you stretch. Every day you stretch and you will perfect the splits the way you want to.

DA: Do you choreograph or do you play it by ear?

AM: I watch videos and see what they do, so I take a little bit from there but incorporate it into my own thing mostly. I mostly like to be original.

DA:  What’s your biggest pet peeve with audience members?

AM: When audience members come on stage to tip you, and then they don’t get off the stage. It’s like it’s fun for a minute, but like, I have to get back to performing.

DA:  What’s your favorite dance move?

AM: I obviously love the splits, no one can deny that. But I love using my arms and legs at the same time because they create a dance move.

DA: If you were on Drag Race what challenge would send you home? What type of challenge would you win?

AM: What would send me home would be the Snatch Game because I don’t think I’m that funny. I’m not a mean person, I don’t think I can read someone when the library is open.

What would put me in the top would be something to do with showcasing body. Because I think of myself as a body queen.

DA: What has your drag mother Jaymelah Moore taught you?

AM: What she taught me is to be humble in and out of drag. To have composure.

DA: Have you had an issue with getting into drag at some point?

AM: My eyeshadow didn’t want to work out. So when we cover our brows we have to put in shadow, and sometimes the glue will take off that. And the shadow did not work! I was like, can you work out for me right now? It will show where you glue and where you don’t glue and you have to darken cause you don’t want to that glue to show! I don’t know if it’s like that for other queens…

DA: I’ve heard more than a few talk about brows being a struggle.

AM: For me, it’s not the brows but more doing the eyeshadow.

DA: What is your favorite part of doing drag?

AM: Getting into makeup is my favorite part of drag. I love getting into face. Like the transformation is amazing. And I love to come to one of my shows and see everyone happy when they see me perform.


DA: You do that for us, girl.

AM: No, I love it! Seeing you guys happy makes me so happy! Like being in choir my four years of high school. I was like, one day I want to make someone happy! And I’m doing it for you guys!

DA: Yes, you are! And we love it!

AM: I love it, I love it! I would have never thought that I’d be in makeup, a wig, and costumes and doing this! Not only am I making myself happy, I’m making the crowd happy.

Find Alaina perform at Climax in Modesto, and follow her on the following Social Media

Instagram: @gemini_coven14

Twitter: @anov14


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