Freak like me, meet Felix Le Freak

The UK scene is abuzz with endless talent, Felix Le Freak is no exception. Competing on Drag Idol UK and appearing regularly on the cabaret scene he is a must watch and must see.Appearing with Felix & Friends at The Old Nun’s Head on the first Friday of every month.We grab a chat Felix where he exudes creativity, weirdness and of course -freak.

Dragadventures: Describe yourself in three words.

Felix Le Freak: West facing garden.

Dragadventures: Can you tell us more about when and how Felix Le Freak came to life? What’s the story behind your drag name?

Felix Le Freak: There was an incident at a petrol station outside Milton Keynes involving an ex-boyfriend and a shovel that definitely wasn’t mine and I’ve been on the run ever since. The cabaret scene seemed a good a hiding place as any. I’ve always been a cantankerous scallywag and so when I became a drag queen I thought she ought to have a boy’s name. And I love disco more than anything else on this earth.

Dragadventures: What’s the ‘freakiest’ thing you’ve ever done?

Felix Le Freak: I once let a guy pleasure me with a pear in an orchard. We nearly lost it forever!

Dragadventures: First performance memories or any other unforgettable moment while doing drag?

Felix Le Freak: I’m fairly sure I came out of my mother doing jazz hands so it would be hard to pick a single memory. My favorite drag act involves riding an upside down ironing board through the Swiss Alps with a wind machine on stage. I’ve done that one up and down the country and it never fails to be a triumphant moment!


Dragadventures: Have you ever had a fangirl moment when working alongside another queen?

Felix Le Freak: I was privileged to work alongside some of the Family Gorgeous at a swanky gallery event last year and of course they are all mind bendingly stunning and infuriatingly lovely to boot.

I missed my train and didn’t really plan my look at all so I ended up with ten minutes to spray paint myself pink, gaffer tape some netting into some sort of dress shape and throw on some novelty Timmy Mallet spectacles. I looked like the sad cousin of congealed Angel Delight.

Dragadventures: Thoughts on Rupaul’s Drag Race? Would you ever do a TV show similar to Drag Race if there was a UK version? Which challenges you would like to see on such a show?

Felix Le Freak: Drag Race has done an amazing job of popularizing the art form and creating celebrity stars but it’s still only one small facet of drag. I would love to see kings, female-identifying queens and trans performers on a UK version of the show as well as a greater emphasis on performance over aesthetics.

In US bars you can show up looking like a million bucks and just collect the dollar bills but in the UK cabaret scene, you need to be able to pull off a whole stage set. For me, drag is about performance first and looks last.

Dragadventures: You perform in Brighton and London, both of which have a thriving local drag scene. Can you give us some recommendations for venues and queens to check out? Do you see a difference between the two cities, drag-wise?

Felix Le Freak: My flagship night is Felix & Friends at The Old Nun’s Head on the first Friday of every month and it’s a huge, gorgeous, diverse queer cabaret variety show with all manner of kings, queens, and in-between.

I try to keep it funny but thought-provoking with a generous dollop of stupidity on the side. Besides that, my favorite venues to perform at are the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Her Upstairs, The Glory and Halfway II Heaven, where I won my first competition.

The Brighton scene is very different because most of the established venues still book traditional, old-school queens but there’s a heaving underground of grassroots events showcasing alternative and contemporary drag. You just have to do a little more sniffing around.


Dragadventures: How was your experience on Drag Idol UK? Do you have any tips you would like to give this year’s candidates?

Felix Le Freak: Drag Idol was phenomenal – what a gauntlet. And I’m so delighted it’s open to all types of drag and LGBTQ performance. I won three heats and came in second place in all three of my venue finals last year but was selected by the committee as a wildcard to come back in the competition.

Unfortunately, my car broke down on the way to the national semi-final and I had to get towed in full get-up. I’m coming back this year with new material and much better makeup! My advice to anyone entering is to take the train.

Dragadventures: You organize monthly revues in London and Brighton. What can people going to ‘Felix & Friends’ expect? What’s the most challenging part of promoting such an event?Felix Le Freak: Anyone coming to my shows can expect ridiculous themes, a varied lineup, comedy, burlesque, live music and the kitchen lip sync. We always play a few really stupid games and try to round off with a bit of a message.

The biggest challenge of promoting events is getting sick of the sight of my own face! When you’re a drag queen and cabaret promoter, you’re doing a lot of your own marketing and whilst I’m passionate about promoting the performance aspect and events themselves, it feels a bit narcissistic ramming pictures of my own face down people’s throats all the time.

Dragadventures: If money and time weren’t an issue, which kind of performance/show would you put on and why?

Felix Le Freak: Honestly, I would just pay my artists more. I love that cabaret can be low budget if you’re creative with your acts. There’s an unparalleled buzz from creating treasure out of trash.

But I would like to compensate guest performers with fees in the hundreds that actually cover the time, skill and passion that goes into creating drag performance.

Dragadventures: Any future-related goals or projects (i.e. performances, appearances …) for Felix le Freak you’d like to share?

Felix Le Freak: The next Felix & Friends is a science fiction special on – you guessed it – May 4th at The Old Nun’s Head.I currently have a feature-length solo show in development so watch out for that and catch me in London and Brighton for Drag Idol 2018.Keep up to date with all things Felix by following:Instagram: Felix Le FreakTwitter: Felix Le Freak

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