Blair St Clair: A new chapter with Call My Life

Season 10 is nearing the end, and whilst Blair St Clair went home far too early,  things are just beginning for the star whose brand new debut album ‘Call My Life’ will be released this Friday 29th June. Her latest single ‘Now or Never’ is reaching views of over 2 million on BlairStClairVevo showing how incredibly popular her songs are with fans. Today, Blair brought a wave of fresh air to Rupaul’s Drag Race, her message of self-love, acceptance and overcoming adversity won the hearts of fans with her sweet attitude as well as kindness.

Blair (aka Drew Bryson) was recently recognized as a “Top 20 New Artist” by elite music platform VEVO following the release of her premiere single and music video, “Now or Never.” The song is an empowering song telling a thrilling story and showcasing how powerful Blair’s voice is, The video saw cameo appearances from former RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Jinkx Monsoon (Winner Season 5) and Manila Luzon (Runner Up Season 3.)

Blair describes the new album as “A mixture of different elements that have personally affected my growth and have helped me not only find but OWN my inner voice, now I’m using that voice a little more literally,” she continued, before adding: “I think of this album as a novel – each song is a chapter in my life and each lyric is one page closer to the end of this volume.” 

Her new video which is the title of her debut album, features an array of her drag race sisters, from Mayhem Miller to Pandora Boxx.

Dragadventures: What inspired you to write an album?

Blair St Clair: Call My Life has been such a special project for me. I love music. They say in theatre that when you have too much emotion to speak, you sing, and when you have too much emotion to sing, you dance! Music has always been my way to escape and to emote what I feel.

DA: Why that title? What does “Call My Life” Mean?

BSC: Call My Life is a mixture of different elements in my life that have personally affected my growth and have helped me not only find but own my inner voice. Now I’m using that voice a little more literally. The song “Call My Life” is a metaphor for the busy, worldly lives we lead versus the simple moments we forget. I’m trying to call attention that sometimes the most glamorous life of all isn’t outwardly driven but comes from living a happy life.

DA: How was the writing process?

BSC: I love song lyrics. Every lyric on this album was written specifically for a reason – some silly and others a bit metaphorical. I think of this album as a novel – each song is a chapter in my life and each lyric is one page closer to the end of this volume.

Photo Credit: Roxy Taylor (Producer Entertainment Group)

DA: Your last music video, for “Now or Never” has done extremely well. What was the concept behind the video for “Call My Life?”

BSC: The concept for the music video for “Call My Life” came from this idea- what if we show how glitz and glam doesn’t equal happiness, but a full life actually comes from a deeper meaning? The lyrics “Call my life; here I am; I’ve been waiting for you” refers to the idea of waiting for fame, while “Call my life; take a chance; ‘cause I know you’re real too” symbolizes the chance one may take at fame to risk losing everything that may have been real in life.

The album is now available for pre-sale on all platforms and includes “instant gratification” tracks “Now or Never” and “Call My Life,’ which was produced by Killingsworth Recording Company and will be released by PEG Records.

The music video for “Call My Life” is available on VEVO and can be viewed on the links below.

“Call My Life” music video link:

Blair’s Social Media:





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