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Drag queens are once again proving they’re taking over the world one show at a time, Werq the world: Save the Galaxy is the all new production bringing next level visuals with a new team of Rupaul’s Drag Race fan favourites, aboard the intergalactic ship and be wowed by current reigning champion Aquaria,  All Star 4 winner Monet X Change, fashionista and Season 7 winner Violet Chachki, joined by a star studded cast of Asia O’Hara, Detox, Eureka O’Hara, Kim Chi, and Naomi Smalls .

Another well loved queen will be joining that cast Kameron Michael’s, the muscle barbie garnered new fans from across the world making top three of season 10’s Rupauls Drag Race. A lip-sync assassin with a heart of gold, we talked to Kameron about personas, meeting fans and of course saving the galaxy on the upcoming Werq the world tour!

Dragadventures: How did you get into drag? Does your drag persona have a characteristic you wish you had in off-drag life?

Kameron Michaels: I always loved doing hair, then make-up followed. Sometimes I wish I had the confidence Kameron has when trying to talk to strangers, boys more so.

DA:You started your drag career in Nashville, for you what makes the drag stand out there and who should our readers keep an eye out for?

KM: I think because its a tight knit community we all support each other. I say just go to Nashville and watch out for everyone.

DA: What’s one thing that would surprise people about you if they knew?

KM: I’m not sure, I was born in Ohio. I don’t think people know that?

DA:With the upcoming Werq the World tour, what can audiences expect and what are you most excited about? What’s your favourite kind of performance?

KM: I’m so excited to start the new Werq The World show. You don’t often get to work with people who want to bring your creative vision to life.   Also, this is the biggest production show I ever worked on.  Fans should expect to be wow’ed. This is not some bar/club show, this is a huge production that actually takes audiences beyond the world and into outer space.  We all play intergalactic queens on a mission to save the solar system from a dark entity. Our mission leader is none other than Michelle Visage who guides the audience through the universe.  It’s pretty incredible.

DA:If you could put together a tour/a show (and time and money were no issue), what would it be?

KM: “The Gaymer Queen” tour, it would be me fighting my way through different video games performance wise.

DA:Since Rupaul’s Drag Race, you’ve travelled constantly around the world, what are your favourite places you’ve visited? Are there any places you still would absolutely love to go?  

KM: There was one place in Australia that was so loud I couldn’t even hear my song and had to wait for them to quiet down before I could say anything!! It was insane.

DA:With all the shows, meet and greets are more popular than ever, what have your experiences been like, and what are your tips for first time fans at M&G’s?

KM: They’ve all been great, I would just suggest to people that they remember we are people.  We’re not characters. Be kind etc.

DA: You have a lot of younger fans that look up to you, be it for your lip syncing, style or kind attitude. What advice would you give younger fans who want to break out into the drag industry?

KM: Always stay true to you! Seriously you’ll be so much happier being yourself then trying to be what you think  other people want you to be.

DA: If you could Freaky Friday style body swap with one other drag queen from the Werq The World tour for the day, who would it be and why?

KM: Hmmmmmmm…….. can I chose the dancers instead? Because their bodies. Oh My god.

DA: You’ve accomplished so much in your career, is there anything you still want to achieve? Any exciting future projects you can give us a sneak peak into?

KM: Yes there are some things in the works. I think you should always continue to grow and achieve things which I consider important.

Catch Kameron on the Werq The World this April and May, tickets onsale now:

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