Far from Doomed, it’s Frankie Doom

Frankie Doom is everything that you want in a drag queen, creative, bold, funny and with some seriously good lerkss! We adored him in Dragula season one, and if you still haven’t watched Dragula then seriously? All available on Amazon, youtube, and Itunes get watching catch up on the weird and wonderful.

Frankie Doom made top three with the incredibly horrific concepts, performances and a charming era to his character. We grabbed a chat with Frankie and talked drag characters,  Dragula, and what’s the most wildest thing he’s done onstage….will it shock you?

DragAdventures: How did your drag career start and what made you choose the name ‘Frankie Doom’ was there any other names that you sifted through?

FD: It started in 2012 I believe… I wanted to dress up for a while but didn’t have the balls.My first time was Disney night at Whorehaus. I was Ursula, drank a lot of tequila shots and jumped up on stage! I blacked out! But according to EVERYONE, it was pretty awesome. I couldn’t wait to perform again! FRANKIE DOOM was a spur of the moment decision based on “FRANKIE” from monster high and “DOOM” came from Burlesque Icon and best friend  Ali Doom. I toyed with VYLETT DOOM and VELVET VON DOOM but Frankie won…


DA: Your type of drag is based on horror, what made you venture into that aspect of drag and who inspired you to create your drag character?

FD: IM A HUGE HORROR FAN! I grew up watching horror movies and always wanted to be the monster or the gorgeous helpless big booby victim (laughing) so I landed somewhere in the middle and kinda go for DEMONIC STRIPPER! I love getting bloody messy and naked.

DA: What made you apply for a show such as Dragula, was there anything from competing in the show that you didn’t expect to come across?

FD: I was actually in Alaska all summer prior to DRAGULA. I had no idea it was happening. I received a rather cryptic phone call from the Boulets. They couldn’t say too much till I signed something. Once I found out what it was I was super excited to be a part of it! I hauled ass home to film! Watching yourself on a show is really weird… I wished I had been more vocal or fought for more airtime. I would have loved for my ridiculous humor to have been featured more. It was hard reading comments and critiques didn’t expect to have haters so it was hard to read and I had a good cry and decided not to ever let that get to me ever again. That being said DRAGULA just really helped my confidence and made me a stronger monster!

DA: Do you feel you were fully prepared for the experience?

FD: NO! I was in a forest smoking pot in Alaska! I was in no way ready! In ep.1 I’m wearing a ROB ZOMBIE band shirt because I hadn’t unpacked and gone through my drag! It was hard tiring fun and incredible. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

DA: Out of all the looks you created which one are you most proud of and how did you come up with all the amazing ideas and bring them to life?

FD: My favorite has to be the SEA MONSTER! I love special effects and prosthetics so wearing and making tentacles and having a mouth full of huge teeth was right up my alley. Most of my ideas for the show were based on horror movies or horror video games.

DA: What was the process like for the show from auditioning, getting on, and after the airing of the show?

FD: For me, it was a dream come true to be featured on such a cool platform. I didn’t actually audition, I was asked and I couldn’t wait to begin. After the show started airing I started getting gigs EVERYWHERE! I LOVE to travel. It has been nonstop flights! The coolest part was becoming insanely close to a few of my monster sisters and touring together!


DA: You reached the top three of the competition, how did you feel to reach the final and what was your proudest moment on the way to the top. Did you ever doubt yourself during the competition?

FD: I was sooooo fucking stoked to be in the top 3! It was an awesome feeling to make it to the end with Vander and Melissa! Both are sooooo talented and inspiring! I’ve looked up to Melissa for a long time! My proudest moment was honestly the last supper when my dead sisters said I should win because I’m THE MONSTER! I doubted myself alot! You never know what the Boulets wanna see from you. I had so many ideas for the finale I ultimately choked a little bit and didn’t go with my gut and wasn’t completely happy with my horror look but it is what it is. Regardless I was happy for Vander she is a great queen!

DA: What would be the best advice to a queen who wants to venture further afield and apply for a show like Dragula?

FD: GO WILD! DONT HOLD BACK! listen to opinions and brainstorm but ultimately follow your gut it’s so important! You will love the experience, win or lose you’re now a piece of drag history and a bigger puzzle! You now have monster sisters to grow and work with. Just have fun.


DA: What can first-timers expect when attending a Frankie Doom show, what’s the wildest thing you’ve done on stage?

FD: Expect to hear loud crashes when I do my DOOM DROP! also be aware that there will be nudity and a chance of getting wet!  I’ve gotten naked and poured milkshakes on my body and frosted my body and had people lick me! I engaged in a human centipede rim job train w Krustyna and Xochi Mochi!

Also, I have been incorporating S&M into my performances so far I’ve done whipping n flogging and hope to do needles, fire play soon and suspension!

DA: Dragula has become a huge hit in the UK, do you think fans are searching for out of the box drag and want to see various aspects of drag? Can the UK expect to see you in the near future?

FD: It’s insane to hear that DRAGULA is so huge in other countries. I always dreamed of being bigger than LA bigger than my town and receiving love and messages from the UK and Brazil, Australia, and Canada is AMAZING! I feel the fans see that Drag can take risks be messy and funny scary and not just be safe and beautiful. I myself have become more polished and put together and evolved but stay true to my dead rotting monster roots! OH AND YES! I WANNA COME TO THE UK OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD BRING ME TO YOU!

DA: Where can fans catch you next and what future projects can we see from Frankie Doom?

FD: There’s alot coming up… soon there will a Monster Dildo coming out by Ryot Toyz called the “DOOMY” inspired by me… so its Uncircumcised (laughs)  I’m taking a break and spending my summer in Alaska but will definitely be back to touring outta state and hopefully internationally and expect alot more videos mini horror movies and experimentation. I plan to get into suspension soon. Keep your eyes on my Instagram!

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