Every single season of RuPaul’s Drag Race’ has introduced us to some incredibly talented queens. But, while some fans tend to focus on the newer seasons, let’s not forget that Season two presented us with Tatianna, a stunningly beautiful queen with plenty of talent who won the first-ever ‘snatch game’ way back in 2010. When she came back for All-Stars 2, she showed everyone that she’s a force to be reckoned with and wowed judges and fans alike with the iconic ‘Same Parts”, and rightfully gained a new wave of fans. Appearing at Dragworld UK this August, Tatianna has recently released a new album T1, her first full album which is full of heavy dance songs (Shut It Down is the perfect summer dance number) and a mix of R&B ballads showing just how talented this breakout star truly is.

We grab a chat to talk about her new music, drag collaborations, Dragworld, and future projects.

Dragadventures: New album T1 is out now, what inspired you to want to make a brand new album and what was the idea for the title?

Tatianna: Doing a full-length album was something I always dreamed of and after the success of “the same parts”, I figured this is the time! I got to work with same producers Madscience and Mark Barrie who produced “the same parts”. The name T1 basically just stands for my name (Tatianna) and 1 representing my first album.


DA: Who are your musical influences and how did they influence the way you made the album?

T: My musical influences during the making of the album were Janet JacksonBritney SpearsAaliyah, Tinashe, and Banks. At least those were the artists I was listening to during the writing process.

DA: You’re now planning the next music video and asked fans what they’d like to see. Will you have the final say and are you surprised with what songs are being picked?

T: I will definitely have the final say but I will take into account what the fans want also. I was definitely surprised how many people love Almost Maybe! I love that song but didn’t think it would connect as much as it has.

DA: What songs hit you with a wave of nostalgia every time you hear them?

T:  Janet Jackson’s ‘Love will never do without you’, baby bash’s ‘Suga Suga’, and Ivy’s ‘Thinking about you’.

DA: Who would be the ultimate music collaboration for you? Would you ever collaborate with a Rugirl, are you a fan of any Ru girl music in particular?

T: Oh my fantasy collab would be with someone like Kid CudiRatatat, Britney, or Jojo! When it comes to Ru girls, I’m really into Adore Delano, Aja, and Shea Coulee’s music so I would definitely collaborate with one of them.

DA: Dragworld UK is fast approaching and fans are incredibly happy that you will be attending. What can we expect from you and what are you most excited about for the convention?

T: Yes I can’t wait to be back in London and get to meet all of the UK fans! I love the UK so I’m just excited to be back in general!


DA: The power of drag race has exploded into the mainstream, with fans of all ages now going to conventions and shows. How do you find the Meet and Greet experiences? What would advice do you have to fans meeting queens?

T: I love how diverse fans of drag are now. The meet and greets are great because I really get to connect with people one on one. I’d say the best advice to the fans at the meet and greets is to just be respectful and don’t touch our hair (laughs)

DA: As someone from the earlier seasons, do you find that the social media game has changed the way queens present themselves to fans? Do you find it harder to showcase yourself against the newer seasons? 

T: The social media game has only really changed in the way of what platforms we are using. It’s still all about creating content. I haven’t really felt it hard to showcase myself against other queens because I’m not really looking around and comparing. I just put forth what I have and hope people like it.


DA: Competing in All Stars 2 was great for you, and what came out of it was the now iconic ‘The Same Parts.’ Did you expect it to be so popular?

T: I never expected it to catch on like it did I’m very happy that ended up being the case!

DA: It’s fair to say the number one fan of that song is, of course, Katya, who kept plugging it during/after AS2 and throughout web-series UNHhhh, do people still sing it to you whenever they see you?

T: People love quoting that song to me and I love every second of it!

DA: We’re now nearing the end of the tenth season of RuPaul’s drag race. What have been your thoughts of this year’s season? Who do you think will snatch the crown?

T: I’ve really enjoyed this season’s cast and challenges! I think at this point, it’s anyone’s game!

DA: And finally what is next for you? Will there be a tour to accompany the new album?

T: Next up I have a fragrance coming out called Choices! I collaborated with the fragrance house Xyrena and it smells amazing! Can’t wait to share it with everyone! We are looking into doing a tour for the album. If we did tour it would be in the late summer or fall.

Be sure to catch Tatianna at Dragworld UK this summer, tickets still available at http://dragworld.co.uk/ 

New album T1 is available on Itunes! Follow Tatiana on the following social media:

Instagram: @tatiannagram


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