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Dragworld UK 2018 is in full swing, and with plenty of vendors to shop and queens to meet than ever! With so much to shop, see and do let us introduce you to Roxie Sweetheart, who makes the cutest accessories perfect for everyone. If you haven’t visited her booth be sure to stop by and say hello, read our interview where we talk bows, Trixie Mattel and the business world.

DragAdventures: What inspired you to set up the brand Roxie Sweetheart? Who is behind the brand?

Roxie Sweetheart: I initially created the concept of my brand when I was studying Fashion & Textiles Enterprise at university for my degree. I have always been a highly creative and artistic person who needed that constant outlet and freedom to express myself – so having my own brand was definitely the way forward!

Roxie Sweetheart has really developed as a brand over the years, taking inspiration from so many sources including Harajuku Fashion & Vintage children’s toys – specifically from my own childhood nostalgia, like My Little Pony, Polly Pocket & Care Bears.

More recently I have also taken inspiration from the Drag Scene, which has inspired me to create bolder more statement pieces.

The new ‘love yourself rainbow’ enamel pin.

DA: What’s been the biggest hurdle setting up the business in the UK and what is the most rewarding?

RS: The biggest hurdle has probably been competing with the high street brands & trying to stand out in such a saturated market – which is why I feel it’s so important to create unique pieces.  Unfortunately it can be hard for people in general to understand that hand-made items have much more value than say something from Primark which has been mass-made in a factory.

The most rewarding part is being able to express myself freely every single day & definitely being my own boss has it perks!

DA: What’s your process when putting together a new collection? How long does it take and how do you come up with new ideas?

RS: I usually feel so overwhelmed with ideas I am frustrated I can’t make everything into something. I usually have to be very selective to what I pick and choose to develop into a piece e.g, clothing, jewellery etc. Once I have decided on a new collection idea I am usually very quick at getting those ideas into the process – only things like manufacturing times & budget can take the extra time.

DA: What/ Who influences your aesthetic?

RS:That’s a tough question because I am influenced by so many things & people. I would say mostly Harajuku/Japanese fashion, 80’s girls kids toys, Vintage illustration, 90’s Fashion, Sanrio (Little Twin Stars, My Melody etc) & Drag Queens.

7CCE8E2B-220A-43CD-B7D7-E3DF3001783DDA:Out of all your accessories which one is the most popular?

At the moment it is definitely the giant glittery & holographic hair bows! I love making these because they are very versatile and I can easily customize them.

DA: How would you describe your customers? Is there a specific demographic?

RS: I guess probably mostly woman from young teens to adults – sometimes it’s people who are very much into fashion, be it drag or J-fashion or anything creative. Sometimes it’s just ‘normal’ people who just want a chance to feel a little bit different & more confident with their fashion. I like to think my brand can appeal to anyone of any age or gender if they just want to feel cute for the day.

DA: Does the brand aesthetic influence your personal style?What do you wear day to day?

RS: I’ve come to the point where I don’t think there is much of a line between whether my brand influences my style or vice versa! Day to day I’d say my fashion is much more ‘toned down’  compared to how I dress up for events etc but most of my wardrobe pieces are still pretty OTT in comparison to most people’s clothing I guess. I still like to make an effort every day because I find it makes me feel more confident.

DA: The products you sell are so creative – some of our favourite queens such as Trixie Mattel have worn them. How does it feel to see your products so well received and sought after?

RSAhhh yes I was so excited to see Trixie wearing my brand – that was such an amazing moment for me! I honestly feel so grateful & massively flattered when anyone wears my brand and wants to show it to the world, especially when it’s people who I aspire to and who I admire so much.

Trixie Mattel wearing a Roxie Sweetheart bow and necklace.

DA: Is there a particular product you still dream of creating?

RS: I would love one day to create more fashion items like bags, shoes & hats! Also more clothing but more 100% custom designed from scratch.  

DA: You’ll be attending Dragworld UK again this year. How was your experience last year and what can we expect from this year’s Roxie Sweetheart stand?

RS: I had such an amazing experience last year and wonderful feedback. I am super excited for the event again this weekend and I have expanded from a table to a booth this time which means more space and lots more sparkly goodies for everyone!

I have of course lots (and lots) of glittery head bows & a couple of exclusive designs including the 80’s Barbie inspired Birthday Bow illustration which is featured on a statement necklace AND my brand new ‘Love Yourself’ pastel rainbow enamel pin which is also super glittery!


To keep up to date with all of Roxie’s gorgeous accessories follow her on social media below:

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Instagram: @roxiesweetheart

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